Second verse, same as the first

Friday FiveNow that you have the “Henry the Eighth” ear worm, let me say I’m not having nearly as much fun as ol’ En-er-ee.

New but not working ...

New but not working … again.

Remember the newer freezer I got last week to replace the first new freezer? Well, it, too, stopped working.

Thursday morning, I noticed my freezer packs weren’t frozen … and my Frozen Yogurt Trail Mix Bars were going soft. Again.

And this was after I left it sit for a few days with nothing but ice cubes in it, to make sure things would stay frozen. Once I was satisfied that everything would be okay, I moved stuff back into the freezer … only to be thwarted again.

Two freezers with the exact same problem? What are the odds?

Pretty good, it turns out. A search on Best Buy’s website revealed a lot of other customers have the same problem with this freezer. One poor woman realized she had a month’s supply of breast milk thawing in hers.

So I get to go back to Best Buy and try to talk them into an upgrade. There’s a slightly larger freezer from a different maker (GE vs. Igloo) for $20 more (at regular price. I got mine on sale). Hopefully, they’ll agree to the swap — and deliver it to my house. It’s not fair to my roommate to have her go pick up a third freezer for me.

Grr. You wouldn’t think a freezer would be so hard to get working. Open the box, plug it it. Freeze food. Should be just that simple.

Where’s the Staples “easy” button when you need it?

More Blend swag ...

More Blend swag …

In other, much more pleasant news: I got an email Thursday morning from the folks at Detour, asking if I wanted to taste-test the new Neapolitan bar. I wrote back explaining that I tasted the one in my Blend2013 swag bag, and wanted to like it but didn’t because I have problems with strawberry-flavored things, and sent a link to the blog post in which I talked about the experience. I received another email from Detour, offering to send me some of their other low-sugar varieties … including the peanut butter cream.

My mouth’s watering already.

Here are a few quick Friday Fives:

Last 5 songs played on my iPod

  1. Debbie by the B52s
  2. Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) by Big & Rich
  3. Ghost of a Texas Ladies’ Man by Concrete Blonde
  4. What I Am by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians
  5. Authority Song by John Cougar

A fun walking playlist, don’t you think? The only way it could be improved on would be to add Pat Benatar’s Hit Me with Your Best Shot and/or Honkytonk Badonkadonk. (I’ve warned you about my … er … eclectic tastes in music, right?)

5 things I’m thankful for

  1. First-world problems like a non-working freezer. I realize many folks have much bigger troubles.
  2. My new laptop.
  3. Friends (both online and IRL).
  4. Beautiful weather.
  5. Sugar-free syrups to add flavor to my SodaStream water.

SodaStreamI seriously think the SodaStream machine is one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten from the Boyfriend.

Well, that and my iPhone … which is eligible for an upgrade. He told me that last weekend. Like I have a few hundred spare bucks lying around to go out and buy a new phone.

Oh, how I wish. But the first few hundred spare bucks I get have to go toward a new copy of Microsoft Word. My old one won’t run on the new computer … I get some message about it not being compatible.

That means I’m currently doing all my writing  in Scrivener or online in Google docs. I can export Scrivener to .doc or .docx, as well as a bunch of other formats, but then I can’t open them. Well, I can in TextEdit, but that comes with its own set of problems — funky quote marks and apostrophes among them.

I had a heck of a time getting out of bed this morning. My alarm went off at 9:45 a.m., but I hit  snooze so many times that I didn’t get up ’til after 11. Sadly, that meant no walk for me. My pedometer total suffered, too: only 2,531 steps for the day.

Drat. And I started off so well with Mel’s Summer Walk Challenge.

Still, I’m walking more than I do without the added incentive. Speaking of added incentive, I’m signed up for a “Choose to Move” competition at work. Our office will have two teams, so we’ll be competing against each other as well as the whole company. I’ll share more details once I figure out exactly what’s involved.


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