One day off, one day on

I feel like Diddle Diddle Dumplin’ — one day off-plan followed one day on.

Not the news I was hoping to report. But it is a process, and I’ll never be perfect. In fact, I suspect that expecting perfection is what leads me to freak out and binge on copious amounts of sugar.

Avocado/egg BreakfastThe day started out fine. Thanks to the barks of a bratty puppy, I was up before my alarm went off. I whipped up a fried egg and avocado sandwich: 1 egg fried in cooking spray atop half a Sandwich Thin spread with 1/4 of an avocado.

While the avocado cutter from my friends at Hass Avocados is an excellent cutter/scooper, its ability to double as a knife leaves much to be desired.

Oh well. You can’t win ’em all.

DTG shipmentAfter breakfast, the dogs’ crazed barks alerted me that we had a visitor. It was the FedEx man, delivering my Diet-to-Go goodies.

As I said on The Chicklets blog this morning, it all looked delicious. There were a few I wanted to devour immediately. (Portobello lasagna, I’m looking at you.)

Five breakfasts, five lunches and five dinners in the freezer, waiting to make my life easier. I can’t tell you how excited that makes me.

With everything put away, I headed out for a walk. My pace was a tad bit slower Wednesday, but I covered more ground (1:30 vs. 1:14).

I got to work and started panicking about the idea of not being able to snack for the next week … and ended up at the vending machine not once but THREE times. (Yes, I bought something every time.)

Ugh. Somebody stop me. Maybe I need to see my sign again.

Tami had a good point on my last post: Why not snack on 0-Point fruits and veggies? That’s a great idea, and I’ll give it a try. It’ll only mean completely overhauling my idea of what constitutes a snack. My idea of “snacks” probably needs a makeover anyway.

DTG Pork Chop PomodoroDinner was one of the Diet-to-Go meals: Pork Chop Pomodoro. I’ll save a few more detailed thoughts for the review post that’s coming, but I will say it tasted great.

From the meals I got, that one wouldn’t have been my first pick. In fact, I’d set aside the Portobello Lasagna when I discovered the pork chop’s container was damaged — plastic cracked in multiple places. I transferred the food to one of my Pyrex bowls to take it to work with me.

I’d better head to bed now. The dog won’t realize I didn’t get to sleep ’til 3 a.m. when he starts barking at 7.


2 responses to “One day off, one day on

  1. To me, snacking is all about boredom. It isn’t usually about actually being hungry. So when I was losing weight, it was usually helpful for me to have fruit/veggies to reach for as a snack, because pretty much that’s all I was looking for: something to reach for (and put in my mouth!).

    • I suspect boredom is one of my big reasons for snacking, too — especially since I tend to snack in the afternoons, when work isn’t all that busy. I’ll have to see if veggies do the trick.

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