Not clean or lean

I’ve been eating delicious — but not healthy — foods for the last two days … and I can tell.

It’s time to get back on track, though. I’m going to throw up my stop sign so I can re-set and get back to the business of losing weight like it’s my job.

Here's my sign ...

Here’s my sign …

Next time, I probably ought to crop out the West Village Estates sign. Y’all don’t really need to know about the parking policies in my subdivision.

Hmm. Maybe treating weight loss like my job is the problem: I have a full-time day (night) job, and my writing could easily be another full-time job. I sometimes don’t have any hours (or energy) left over for a healthy lifestyle.

I know, I know: Those who don’t make time to exercise will have to find time for disease … or something to that effect.

Eating right should get a little easier later this week. As a Diet-To-Go ambassador, I’m taking part in their June promotional campaign, Summer Shape-Up With a Little Common-Sense. I’ll be getting a week’s worth of meals to try — low-carb this time — and am looking forward to some quick-fix, no-thinking-required eats. When I have to do too much thinking, that’s when I get in trouble.

2013-06-10 13.50.47

Me, after escaping a hot desert breeze Monday. Flagstaff had a gust of 41 mph, but I took this shot in the Boyfriend’s neck of the woods.

It was a fun weekend, with the exception of taking a ball to the shin and tweaking my quad in Sunday’s softball game. Trust me, it hurts worse than it looks. I thought I was going to have a big ol’ bruise, but a little more than 24 hours later, it looks normal.2013-06-09 19.57.38

On Saturday, the Boyfriend and I saw “The Internship.” Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson did it again — another hilarious movie that had me leaving the theater with a smile on my face. Longtime blog readers know I love me some Vince Vaughn. He’s no Channing Tatum, but he’s endearing all the same. More of an average Joe.

I also got plenty of writing time on both Saturday (in Camp Verde) and Sunday (in Flagstaff). Single-handedly keeping Starbucks in business .. that’s me!

Wait a minute: I cannot tell a lie … on Sunday, I was only writing until I started browsing stock photos in search of cover art. A pleasant distraction, but I think I’ll leave that search to my cover designer (whoever that may be).

Monday was a typical day. No workout; very little writing. It was fun hanging out with the Boyfriend, though. It had been too long since I’d seen him.


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