Season’s complete

Our season isn’t actually over — yet. We have three more weeks of games to play.

But my season is never complete until I get injured. Two years ago, I tripped over my own feet or home plate or something and scraped up my knee/leg pretty good.

Sunday night, I got injured not once but twice. I took a ball to the shin. At least I stopped the throw — but it hurt like hell.

Then, on my first at-bat, I actually hit the ball. Shocker, i know. And because the other team was more concerned with throwing out the guy at third, I had to run. (Usually, I hit it toward the pitcher and he throws to first before I get even halfway down the baseline.)

I made it to first, but I think I pulled something in the process. My left quad hurts like crazy.

It’s my left shin, too. My left side is in sorry shape.


But we rallied to win the game in extra innings, 9-7. That means we’re 2-2 on the season. Better than last time, when we our only win was through forfeit.

After the game, we all went downtown for pizza. We hung out on the patio at Mother Road Brewery, with our Papa John’s pizza. Our team is sponsored by Papa John’s, after all. The pitcher’s son owns the place.

I’d never been to Mother Road before. Loved it — especially how the dogs had the run of the place. They even had a toybox for the dogs.

So much fun! I hope we do it again next week.



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