Blame it on the freezer

Another day, another crisis.

New but not working ...

New but not working …

This time, the brand new chest freezer I just got from Best Buy last weekend decided it didn’t want to keep things frozen. I noticed a problem with some things in the top basket Tuesday morning, but cranked up the temperature to “max cold” and gave it the benefit of the doubt. But when things still weren’t frozen solid Wednesday morning, I had to figure out what to do.

Answer: Call Best Buy and arrange an exchange. But they again don’t have the item in stock, so they have to order it, and it won’t be here until Saturday. That’s not really working for me; I have food thawing here, now.

My first thought was to plug the old freezer back in in the garage … except it wasn’t there. I had no idea someone had already taken it off our hands.

Luckily, we’re a two refrigerator house. I stuffed my fridge’s freezer full and put the rest in my roommate’s freezer — after transferring her frozen food to her practically overflowing chest freezer in the garage. It’ll work until I get a replacement.

Fingers crossed that the new one actually works the way it’s supposed to. Who would have thought a brand new freezer wouldn’t do what it’s made to do?

The freezer crisis kept me from getting out for my mile-long walk Wednesday. By the time I straightened that out, it was time to leave for Starbucks. I’ll have to make up for it with an extra-long one this morning instead.

It also made for some pretty sketchy eating. I played the “eat as much frozen stuff as you can so the rest will fit in the freezer” game.

Pancakes & sausage with strawberry syrup

Pancakes & sausage with strawberry syrup

That meant breakfast was the Diet-To-Go pancake breakfast I’d been saving for a special occasion. (Apparently, that occasion was a broken-down freezer.) Dinner ended up being a Weight Watchers SmartOnes Ziti.

Other planned eats included a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino (the real thing because I saved enough daily Points — 8 — for the splurge) and a Chobani Flip (blueberry power flavor).

But my plan went awry, leaving me HUNGRY after my Frappuccino lunch. (Yeah, I should have known better, especially since I’m supposed to be eating Clean and Lean.) So I picked up an order of Wendy’s chicken nuggets on the way in to work. I also nabbed two more Dove chocolates and a protein bar from my desk drawer. (Had I eaten the protein bar first, I might have avoided the Dove …)

More Blend swag ...

More Blend swag …

The protein bar came from my stash of Blend2013 swag: Detour Low-Sugar Neapolitan. I had high hopes for this one, really I did. Who wouldn’t? Look at that beauty!

I especially liked that it has just 3 Net Carbs — a fact I’d have been all over if I were still doing Atkins. It weighed in at 4 WW Points, which I don’t think is out of the question for a snack.

And I love Neapolitan ice cream.

Sadly, in the end, my dislike of many strawberry-flavored things won out. (I tend to be picky about strawberry flavors. I love real strawberries, and strawberry ice cream but avoid most strawberry-flavored yogurts — and just the scent of strawberry gum makes me gag. Ask the Boyfriend. If he pops a piece of strawberry-kiwi gum while I’m driving, I have to roll down the window and take great gulps of fresh air.)

No, the Neapolitan bar didn’t make me gag. But the flavor wasn’t my favorite, either. It was good — and it took the edge off my hunger and kept me from hitting the vending machine — but I wouldn’t call it great.

Then again, maybe I was just in a bad mood when I ate it. I just checked out the brand’s website and would love to try any of the other low-sugar flavors they sell: Caramel Peanut, Peanut Butter Cream and Chocolate Chip Caramel. The Caramel Peanut one looks like a Snickers, and I bet the PB Cream is to die for.

Looks like I can find Detour at Circle K, Maverik, GNC and Albertson’s. I’ll have to take a look the next time I find myself at any/all of those stores. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a PB Cream bar.

All in all, Wednesday was a bumpy day. While everything on my “menu” tasted great, it wasn’t what I needed to feel full and satisfied Worse, I used 12 FlexPoints. That leaves me with just 25 for the rest of the week. (4 days, 25 extra Points? Grrrr.) Better step up my workouts so I can earn some Activity Points.

That extra-long walk is looking better and better, isn’t it? I just hope I don’t sleep through my alarm.


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