WIAW: Hodgepodge edition

I haven’t had much time for meal planning this week. For once, that doesn’t mean I’m making terrible food decisions (thanks, Clean and Lean Project!) — but it does mean my eats for this What I Ate Wednesday are … well, strange is a nice way of describing them.

060413 walkAnd I’m not sure my snacks qualify as “sensible,” which is this month’s WIAW theme.

Ah well, my diet is a work in progress. Always.

I woke up without hitting the snooze alarm (I know, I amazed myself, too!) and headed outside for a walk. Again, it was a struggle to get outside and for about the first 15 of the 22-ish minutes I moved.

Why does that happen? I know I’ll feel better for having done it, but actually doing it seems like the worst kind of torture. Even when I start walking, I’d rather be doing something else. But at some point, I hit my stride and then I feel like I could keep walking.

When I got back home, I whipped up a smoothie. Instead of using flavored yogurt, I broke out the plain nonfat Greek yogurt. Also in the mix were a cup of pineapple and a cup of mango, 1 1/4 cups almond milk, a scoop of Vega protein powder and — since it was already going to be green — a handful of spinach.

I like the flavor of the Vega powder, but I’m not crazy about the greenish tint it gives my smoothies.

2013-06-04 11.05.29


It tasted fantastic. And because I used Tuesday’s Clean and Lean tip, to slow down when eating, I really savored it instead of slurping it down. The tip involved laying down your fork between bites. Since I was drinking, I set down the glass and sipped some water between sips. It worked. It took much longer to finish my meal, and I stayed full longer.

After puttering in the kitchen to prep lunch/dinner, I headed to Starbucks for writing time. A not-clean Frappuccino Light awaited me.

Mocha Frappuccino Light

Note I also had a giant glass of water.

When I got to work, I heated up lunch: Another of Jenn’s Triple Bean Vegetarian Burgers. (I froze half of the batch I made a while back.)

Three-Bean Chili Burger

I was out of tomatoes, so I topped my burger with thinly sliced onion and cucumber instead. Oh, yeah — a wedge of Laughing Cow White Cheddar was also involved. Still tasty. I devoured a handful of cherry tomatoes (unpictured) on the side.

The right word was “devoured.” The “slow down” directive was forgotten as I ate while at my desk. Bad habit, I know. But it happens all the time.

Other snacks included a serving of Emerald Sweet & Salty mixed nuts (unpictured) and a bar from my Blend2013 swag bag.

Part of my Blend2013 swag

Part of my Blend2013 swag

I need to get my hands on more Recharge Dynamic Nutrition Bars. I loved the flavor. Even better, it had just 2 Weight Watchers PointsPlus. 

The rest of the day’s eats went unphotographed as my busyness picked up at work: Butternut squash, green beans and a Salmon-Quinoa Cake (from The Lean Green Bean’s recipe) for dinner, followed by a cup of Chobani Bite (coffee/chocolate chip flavor, my favorite). Again, I forgot to put down my eating utensil between bites.

I’ll try to do better today.

Oh yeah … I almost forgot the three Dove dark chocolate squares with sea salt and caramel I ate at about 10 p.m. I think I only have three left in the bag, so they’ll be gone soon. Of course, having a bag of chocolates there, where I can pull out just one or two, beats the heck out of hitting the vending machine for a full-sized candy bar. (The bag says 5 are in a 5-Point serving, so I didn’t even have a full serving.)

Be sure to stop by Peas and Crayons to check out all the great eats everyone else is sharing.


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