6 ways to celebrate a new weight low

Don’t get too excited: I’m nowhere near my all-time adult low of 169. I am, in fact, still in the 210’s.

However, I’m now at my lowest weight since re-starting Weight Watchers in January. I tipped the scale at 213.8 Monday morning, down from 217 last Monday — and 0.2 lower than my pre-vacation weight.

How did I celebrate my success?

1. Hit the pavement for a 1.37-mile walk. I wasn’t really feeling it, though. For the first 20 or so of the 22 minutes I walked, every step was a struggle. Then when I hit minute 21, I felt like I could have  gone on for days. (It was getting late, though, so I had to wrap it up.)

2. Snapped this cheesy selfie for the blog’s Facebook page.

Still feeling fine

3. Went to the Weight Watchers meeting room and picked up some more smoothie packets. They had coconut, which I’ve been wanting to try. (It’s pretty tasty. I mixed it into key lime Greek yogurt, with frozen mango, almond milk, ice cubes and a handful of spinach.)

4. Treated myself to Chick-fil-A for lunch. I opted for the grilled chicken club, which was excellent. The bacon and cheese are totally worth the 3 extra WW Points. (The regular grilled chicken sandwich is 7; the club is 10.) What? I’ve mentioned my love of bacon and cheese before? I thought so.

Chick-fil-A lunch

Why yes, yes I *did* carry my Chick-fil-A sandwich into Starbucks with me. A perk of being a regular …

5. Packed a veggie-ful dinner to eat at work. In the mix: romaine lettuce, spinach, quinoa, black beans, corn, broccoli slaw, vegetarian sausage patties and a “dressing” of salsa mixed with Greek yogurt. It was my cleanest meal of the day, though I’m not sure how “clean” vegetarian sausage is. I need to read up on clean eating before I fail Amanda’s Clean and Lean Project.

Veggie-ful Dinner

6. Enjoyed MuesliFusion for dessert. So good. I’m going to cry when I run out, I just know it.

Muesli Fusion Dessert

Bonus celebration: Went a little nuts admiring my collarbones in the bathroom mirror at work. I might have danced around a little, singing a goofy tune. And that’s okay, since I’m the only one who sets foot in the women’s bathroom at that time of night.

Ignore the I-didn't-blow-dry-my-hair look ...

Ignore the I-didn’t-blow-dry-my-hair look and concentrate on the collarbone sighting.

There you have it: How I celebrated hitting 213.8 pounds.

Not too exciting, really. I’d better start planning now for the celebration when I drop back into One-derland.

Perhaps a massage will be in order? Yeah … that’s the ticket. A massage.


4 responses to “6 ways to celebrate a new weight low

    • Thanks, Deb, Carly and Katie. It feels good to see the scale going the right way. I just wish I hadn’t let my weight climb back up so high. I should know by now I have to be constantly vigilant …

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