Early to bed …

I didn’t sleep well Wednesday night. I stayed up ’til after 4 a.m. working first on setting up a new author gmail/google+ account, then creating an account with Mailchimp so I can eventually send out an author newsletter. The first issue is set for delivery in August, but if you read contemporary romance, you can join the mailing list now. (Link goes to Love & Laughter, my author website.)

You’d think I would have slept right through my 10:30 a.m. alarm — but you’d be wrong. The bratty, barking Moose woke me up just after 7 and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was excited to check my new email (no messages yet, of course. I haven’t given that address out yet!) and see if I had any newsletter subscribers yet. (Answer: 3 — but that includes myself.) Then I started perusing social media sites/blogs and playing Candy Crush

And I was a goner. No chance of sleep when I was busy trying to defeat Level 39. That darn puzzle kept me frustrated for days. I DETEST “clear all the jelly.”

Operating on just three hours of sleep could very well explain my attack of the munchies. I could not stop eating … ended up consuming 11 FlexPoints for the day.

My unusual hunger could also have something to do with what I ate all day: a crap-ton of carbs.

Not my favorite smoothieBreakfast was a smoothie. Again. Boring, I know. This time, I used Chobani Passionfruit, plus mango, the last of my frozen pineapple and spinach. Not my favorite, mainly because the yogurt had big, black seeds that I didn’t know were there. They got partly pulverized by the Ninja … eeew. That’s the same reason I don’t like the Pomegranate flavor.

For lunch, inspired by the roommate’s pasta salad, I made a creamy pasta salad of my own, using Greek yogurt and ranch powder in the dressing. It tasted great, as did the chicken burger I ate it alongside. Then grabbed a frozen SmartOnes for dinner. I thought it was a chicken/broccoli Alfredo — but there was NO chicken involved. It was just broccoli, noodles and Alfredo sauce.

The lack of protein left me hungry, which sent me to the vending machine after dinner. The bag of Chex Mix I got for 75 cents consumed a good chunk (6) of the FPs I devoured. I probably should have done the WW math BEFORE I sat down and inhaled the whole bag. Knowing I was about to gobble down 6 Points’ worth of Chex Mix might have compelled me to stop after eating just half the bag.


Then again, it’s entirely possible my sleep-deprived, punch-drunk self would have giggled uncontrollably at the futile attempt at portion control and continued to stuff my face with savory, carby goodness.

After all, it’s not like the bag was overly large … just a little single-serve one. (I was awake enough to check the portion size before I opened the bag.)

Hmm. Guess that means Chex Mix isn’t the best choice. I could have had an entire sleeve of Nature Valley granola bars for 5.

Live and learn … and then get some sleep.

I’m heading to bed early (for me, anyway) in hopes that it’ll give me the energy to get up and extend my walking streak.

Four days down, 35 to go!



2 responses to “Early to bed …

  1. I waste so much time on Candy Crush. It’s the worst!

    I also hate that moment where you realize you didn’t grab enough food to tide you over. I keep a ton of the protein/nutrition bars that we got in our swag bags in my desk at work as a failsafe!

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