WIAW: The Back-on-Track Edition

Before I get down to this week’s What I ate Wednesday rundown, I have to share a little success.

The Daily Mel’s Summer Walk Challenge is already working in the “prod me to move more” department.

Tuesday morning was one of those days: I had to get up at 6 a.m. to pee, but managed to go back to sleep relatively quickly. But when my alarm went off at 8:45, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I hit the snooze — about twenty times. I even incorporated the ringing alarm into my dream … you know, “Why can’t I get that damn phone to stop ringing? No matter what I do, it won’t shut up.”

Tell me I’m not the only one who does that, please. It’ll make me feel less neurotic.

Anyway … by the time I finally got around to getting up, it was close to 11. But because I didn’t want to mess up the challenge on Day 2, I headed outside for a quick walk anyway. Twenty minutes (and 1.22 miles) later, my walk streak was intact.

Normally, if I’m not out of bed until close to noon, I tell myself I don’t have time to work out.

What a cop-out. It took just 20 minutes (30 if you count showering time). That’s a small chunk of my day to devote to something that’ll make me feel good all day long.

Now, on to Tuesday’s eats. Someday, I’m going to remember to take pictures for WIAW of a different weekday — or even a weekend day, so long as I’m not totally off the rails. But for now, you get another Tuesday.

Peach SmoothieBefore my walk, I sliced up one and a half peaches to stick in the freezer. (The other half fueled the walk.) After my walk/shower, I whipped up this smoothie: Peaches, a pear-flavored Chobani (because I couldn’t find the peach one in the fridge when I looked), almond milk and ice cubes (because the peaches weren’t frozen solid. I didn’t peel the fruit, so the flecks are chunks of skin.

This smoothie was much better than yesterday’s berry/spinach one.

After packing lunch/dinner, I headed to Starbucks for pre-work writing time … where I forgot to snap a picture of my Java Chip Frappuccino Light. Ah well. It’s not like y’all don’t already know what those look like. If you’ve been living under a rock, or haven’t seen the dozens of Frappuccino glamor shots I’ve posted over the years, check this post or this one.

Triple-Bean Chili Burger, Take 2 Triple-Bean Veggie Burger, Take 2

When I got to the office, I heated up my late lunch: Another of Jenn’s Triple-Bean Vegetarian Chili Burgers. This time, I put it on a Sandwich Thin and added a wedge of Laughing Cow white cheddar. Mmm … tasty!

And I got some decent photographs … Well, at least they’re pictures where you can actually see the burger. I promise it tastes as good as it looks — probably better.

After all, I’ve never claimed to be a food stylist.



I fell prey to a little unplanned at-work munching between lunch and dinner. I really think it’s eating out of boredom. Whatever the reason, I noshed on 14 Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ almonds.

When it comes to savory snacking, I like that flavor nearly as much as the Wasabi-Soy ones. But only almost. I think the Wasabi-Soy almonds will forever reign in the top spot.

Dinner was an Eating Right-brand frozen dinner. It was something with a Cuban flavor. (Sorry, I don’t remember the name, and I didn’t think to write it down before I tossed the box in the trash.)

Eating Right dinner

Whatever it was called, it tasted pretty good. I think those are chunks of plantain. If not, my dinner had bananas in it. And that’d just be weird, since I wasn’t eating MuesliFusion for dinner.

After dinner? Well, that’s another story. My sweet treat was MuesliFusion with almond milk (minus the banana. This is a photo from last week, since I dug in before I remembered to take one.)

MuesliFusion — not just for breakfast anymore.

MuesliFusion — not just for breakfast anymore.

Have I mentioned how much I love MuesliFusion? I’m going to be sad when my bag is gone. I bet that was part of the company’s evil brilliant strategy: Hook a bunch of bloggers on their irresistible cereal by giving away free samples at Blend Retreat.

You guys, it’s so good. I could seriously eat it every day — twice a day. Of course, I could mix up my own. The ingredients are simple enough. From the company’s website:

At Muesli Fusion we make real cereal. It’s made with ingredients that are good for your body- whole grains, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Or, as it states on company president Ian Szalinski’s business card, “No Junk. Just Food.”

So I could make my own muesli. That is, after all, kind of what Overnight Oats is. But with MuesliFusion already having done the work — and created the perfect blends — why would I want to? Measuring out a serving of pre-mixed muesli is so much more convenient than rounding up oats, chia seeds, dried cranberries and whatever else I plan to put in it.

Yeah, I’m lazy. (See my ability to lounge in bed ’til 11 a.m., above.)

That’s my story this week. Hop on over to Peas and Crayons to see what Jenn — and a couple hundred of her friends — have been eating. Checking out all the WIAW posts is so much fun. I always get great ideas.


4 responses to “WIAW: The Back-on-Track Edition

  1. White Cheddar Laughing Cow?! I must find that ASAP! And I’m with you on the muesli addiction. I want to try every single flavor!!

    • Got it at Sam’s Club … In a 3-wheel value pack.

      I know. I’m thinking about emailing Ian to ask about the recipe contest, since I can’t find the info. Maybe I’ll see if I can arrange a giveaway.

    • Thanks, Jenn. I’ve just discovered it in the last couple of years. When I was a kid, I wouldn’t have touched cold oats — now that’s the way I prefer them.

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