Friday Five with the gift that keeps on giving

So much stuff ...

So much stuff …

What gift is that, you ask? The Blend Retreat swag bag, of course.

(This is my last Blend recap, promise. It’s just hard to write about anything else when the retreat has been occupying my thoughts all week. Plus, so much happened that it takes more than one recap to share it all.)

I’ve barely begun to unpack my swag, in part because I don’t know where in the pantry I’m going to put it all. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been enjoying the bag’s bounty.

Five things I’m loving from the Blend Retreat swag bag



This PlantFusion shirt. It’s so pretty (and sparkly) that I wore it to work Wednesday with olive-colored capri pants. Who doesn’t need a little more sparkle in her life?

Then, since it was already dirty, I wore it to work out in Thursday morning. Apparently, it was my first walk of the month. At least that’s what Nike+ tells me. I guess I buy it, seeing as how I was out of commission for several days with food poisoning or something, then on vacation.

Simply Protein Chips

Simply Protein Chips

Simply Protein Chips. From the makers of the Simply Bar, these tasty little chili-flavored chips are packed with 15 grams of pea protein. I snacked on these Wednesday afternoon at the office and loved them. They were slightly sweet and had just enough kick to make things interesting. I must find these chips in a local store, stat!

Post Zumba Snack

SoyJoy Cranberry

SoyJoy Chocolate Cherry bar

SoyJoy Chocolate Cherry bar

SoyJoy bars. These bars have been around for a while, of course. But when they first came out, I was doing Atkins — so they had too many carbs for me. Then I kind of forgot about them … until this weekend. On Saturday, I devoured the cranberry flavor after Zumba class. Thursday, I had a chocolate-cherry SoyJoy bar as an afternoon pick-me-up. I liked them both, but I think the cranberry one was just a bit better — moister or something.

Odd, that. I’m usually all over anything chocolate. Remember the Dove sea salt and caramel dark chocolates I raved about last week?

What’s to love about SoyJoy?

From the company’s website: Bars are baked with high-quality, non-genetically modified ground whole soy and real fruit.

We use only 100% natural, real food ingredients like real strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and bananas to make naturally delicious, nutrient-rich SOYJOY. No artificial colors, flavors, or hydrogenated oils. Plus, SOYJOY is gluten free.

I don’t have to worry about that, but I know folks who do.


Vega One French Vanilla

Vega One French Vanilla


... kinda. This was my breakfast/lunch made with the Vega One.

… kinda. This was my breakfast/lunch made with the Vega One.

Vega One protein powder. I’m always on the lookout for delicious-tasting protein powder to put in my smoothies. I’ve picked up some real losers … Vega is not one of them. The mango-peach-pineapple smoothie I whipped up after Thursday’s walk with a pouch of Vega One French Vanilla was to die for. No chalky flavor or odd mouth feel here.


MuesliFusion — not just for breakfast anymore.

MuesliFusion — not just for breakfast anymore.

MuesliFusion. I know, I know … I already waxed poetic about the muesli cereal earlier in the week. But it’s so darn good it deserves more ink.

The thing I like most about it? It’s delicious anytime. Thursday night, I sliced a banana into a bowl of muesli and enjoyed it as dessert.

I’m looking forward to trying to come up with a recipe good enough to enter in the contest company founder Ian Szalinski talked about at Blend. It may require the purchase of several more bags …

No hardship there, let me assure you!

I can’t wait to explore more of the goodies. There’s more than enough in there to keep me in new stuff for at least a month.



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