Moving it at Blend

Among the many reasons I’m glad I went to last weekend’s Blend Retreat? My on-again, off-again love affair with exercise was definitely rekindled. And that’s never a bad thing.

The moving it started bright and early Saturday morning with a bootcamp sponsored by GPP Fitness. It was a deck of cards workout, with lots of squats, sit-ups, push-ups and burpees (which I skipped. I have no idea how to do a burpee, but it didn’t look like fun.)

A small fraction of the participants. I'm in the back row ...

A small fraction of the participants. I’m in the back row … Photo from Blend Retreat photobucket collection

I’d been looking forward to Saturday’s hike … but when the morning dawned rainy and cold, I feared falling on my butt in the mud or throwing my knee out — or both. I figured it’d be safer for my body and peace of mind to partake of the alternate workout offered: Zumba!

Hike in the cold, rainy Utah air or shake my booty in a climate-controlled ballroom? Not much of a contest. I’ve mentioned my love of Zumba on the blog many times, and lamented having to give up my gym membership so I couldn’t go anymore just as many times — or more. The class was led by the lovely, talented Annette Perkins, known on Twitter and Instagram as @FitnessPerks.

I took a quick break to snap this shot.

I took a quick break to snap this shot.

She was so fun to work out with — and such an inspiration, moving and grooving with ease while visibly pregnant. If I ever get pregnant, I want to have that kind of energy.

Countless hot, sweaty minutes later, we finished up our workout. Of course, we needed to pause for a group photo. We might have been a small group, but we had a blast.

Post-Zumba group shot

Post-workout photo courtesy of Michelle at Eat Move Balance.

Saturday night, I joined a group of folks walking to dinner. All that movement made for a great day on my pedometer:

Saturday pedometer reading

I can’t remember the last time I topped 10K.

Sunday morning, I woke up stiff and more than a little sore — and I contemplated skipping the GPP Fitness-sponsored bootcamp workout … for all of ten minutes. No way did I want to miss out on the torture fun.

Squat central ... again.

Squat central … again.

You’ll note the ballroom was a lot less crowded for Sunday’s workout. More squats and lunges were on the agenda, along with some kind of side plank/hip raise move. I did them all — but when they started asking for cartwheels (which I never learned to do) and MORE burpees, I ducked out.

I ended up spending some time with Laura at Mommy Run Fast, who was giving away samples of Drink Chia. Definitely different, especially for someone who’s just starting to get into chia seeds — but I liked it. I tried the Lemon Blueberry and Mango Tangerine. Of the two, I preferred the Lemon Blueberry … but they were both tasty.

Downtown Park City downtown Park City Cute shirt for sale in Park CityAfter the closing ceremony, I ended up in downtown Park City with a group. We walked around a bit, up Main Street and back down. The jaunt allowed me to log more than 5K on my pedometer on a day I spent 10-plus hours in the car. Not too shabby, eh?

All the car time didn’t do anything to alleviate my sore muscles, though. By the time I got home Sunday night, I was hobbling around like someone twice  my age.

I felt it every time I got out of the car for gas/eats, too.

In fact, I’m still a bit sore — and it’s Wednesday. I’m not using it as an excuse to skip out on workouts for the rest of the week, though. I really do have more energy when I exercise.

Funny how it’s so easy to forget that fact.


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