Home safe and sound

I made it back from Blend Retreat late Sunday night, after all day in the car.

Surprise of the day: I listened to my Google Maps app and took US 89A home instead of going through Page and taking the l-o-n-g detour ADOT set up. Not only did it shave an hour off the trip, it gave me some gorgeous views of the Vermillion Cliffs and other sights.

And since it only took nine hours instead of 10, I had the energy to drive an extra hour to the Boyfriend’s last night. Win-win, right?

I made a quick stop at my place with all my loot from #blend2013. Didn’t want the bars to melt in the heat. Eating melted/re-solidified stuff wouldn’t give me a true feel for the products.

Blend Retreat was so much fun, and I’m glad I went. Look for more updates this week.





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