Vacation fun

It was a l-o-n-g drive from Flagstaff to Salt Lake City Sunday. I hit the road at about 8:30 and didn’t arrive until 6:30 p.m. Since then, I’ve been mainly relaxing at my brother’s. I’ve even managed to get some writing/admin work done in the mornings when the kids are in school and everyone else is working.


The scene that greeted me when I arrived: A welcome from Sharon and the kiddos.

Highlights from the drive:

Page AZ Kanab  2013-05-12 14.12.58-2From left are Page/Lake Powell (from the parking lot at Maverik), the McDonald’s in Kanab and the vanilla cone that happened while I was at said McDonald’s.

Other happenings? Brats and grilled veggie kebabs for dinner Monday night, and a walk with my sis-in-law after the kiddos were in bed.

Sadly, I forgot to clip my pedometer onto my pocket Monday morning, so I have no idea how many steps I actually took.

Breakfast Tuesday was something I’ve been meaning to try: One of Lindsay’s Quinoa Breakfast Bars. My sis-in-law made some a while back and had ’em in the freezer. I’ve wanted to try them, but hadn’t gotten around to making my own batch yet. They clean out their freezer; I get to satisfy my curiosity. Win-win.

Better yet, it was delicious. I’m going to have to make some of my own when I get back home.

Quinoa Breakfast Bar

It’s been low-key and relaxing … just the way I like a vacation. Just getting out of Flagstaff for a change of scenery has been awesome.

Then there’s Blend Retreat. It’s getting closer and closer, and I’m getting more excited every day. It’s going to be so much fun! I just hope I can keep up with all the twenty somethings who are far fitter than I am …


4 responses to “Vacation fun

    • Definitely a keeper. I should have known everyone who makes them in blogland knew what they were talking about. 😉

  1. Have fun at the Blend retreat and let me know how it goes. I would love to attend an event like that someday!

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