I can sleep easier

Now that I have all the files from my old laptop, I can rest easy.

I can’t actually open the Word docs, as my ancient Word is incompatible with the new computer … but if worse comes to worse, I can email the ones I need to myself and view them in Google Drive. I’m still hopeful that when I get a new version of Word, the old files will open right up. That won’t be until sometime in the not-too-distant future, though.

Sedona StoplightHaving my old laptop and its files back in my possession, I now have no reason to go back to Sedona. Too bad. Though I won’t miss the drive, I will miss the scenery.

I leave for Salt Lake City bright and early this morning. I’d planned to spend the weekend with the Boyfriend, but he ended up going back to the Valley — so I called Dan to see if he wanted my company a day early.

I’ve packed myself a lunch so I don’t have to stop somewhere (for food, anyway. I anticipate a few walk/stretch/potty breaks over the course of the 8-plus-hour drive). I decided that was a good compromise so I could see “The Great Gatsby” Saturday afternoon.

Between cleaning out my car and packing for the trip, I watched Leo and Co. cavort onscreen — and it was glorious. I can’t compare it to the book, because I read “The Great Gatsby” many, many years ago, as a sophomore in high school — and didn’t like it much. The movie, however, was excellent. And I did remember some of the lines, like describing the Buchanans as “careless people.”

I was able to weigh in for my DietBet Saturday morning — and I’m happy to report that I’m down a bit from Monday. I weighed in at 213.4. My weight has been verified, so I’m all set for the game. To win, I need to lose 8.5 pounds in four weeks.

My game plan for this week? To move as much as I can and to make the best choices possible at any given meal without sweating the details too much. I want to be able to enjoy my time with my niece and nephew. I packed a bag of snacks — nuts, TJ’s Wasabi Wow Mix, apples, bananas, a few Quest protein bars — and made up several bags of “overnight oats” minus the almond milk that I can pop in the fridge for breakfasts. There are 6 WW PointsPlus in each bag of oats (milk included). I also cut up some cucumbers and bell peppers, and am taking them with hummus and Babybel cheeses in my lunch cooler.

Just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean I have to take a break from healthy eating, right? Remind me of that throughout the week, will you?

I’d better get some sleep. Seven o’clock is going to come early!


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