A girl walks into Best Buy …

I swear to you, I walked into Best Buy with the intention of buying a $250 Google Chromebook or a cheap-a$$ PC, just to get me through. Yet, somehow, I walked out with a new MacBook Pro.

New MacBookOooh … Shiny! And fast. Lord, this thing loads pages in the blink of an eye. I had no idea what I was missing.

At 30 percent off and with 18 months no-interest financing, it was impossible to say no to this little beauty. That means I’m now blogging — and more importantly, writing — in style.

Or at least I will be, as soon as I get Word or Scrivener — or both — loaded onto this baby. I’ve used all the product keys on my current version of Microsoft Office, so I think I’ll be stuck upgrading.

That tiny wrinkle does little to diminish my joy. I wanted to spend all afternoon and evening playing with my new toy instead of working. Of course, I couldn’t. Gotta work harder to pay the bills now.

A new, improved laptop isn’t the only thing that made Wednesday a pretty great day.

I also ate real food — including veggies.

Veggies for breakfastThe day’s veggie consumption started off with a pathetic selection of mushrooms and stir-fry veggies I dug out of the freezer. While I was indisposed, my zucchini, cucumbers and spinach moldered in the crisper drawer — so when I woke up wanting veggies, I was reduced to making a fried egg sandwich on a Bagel Thin, with frozen veggies and a little chopped onion and aging turnip.

It might not look like much, but it was one of the tastiest veggie sandwiches I’ve had in I don’t know how long.

Not surprisingly, since it was the first day I felt normal again, I was ravenous. I think I might finally understand the meaning of the word “hangry.”

I ended up at Panda Express for lunch, where I split my side (half veggies/half rice) and got Shanghai Beef (6 Points) and mushroom chicken (5 Points). Should have gotten the Broccoli beef (3 Points) instead, but the Boyfriend called while I was in line and made me forget what I’d decided to get.

After lunch, I walked across the parking lot to the fro yo place for a little something sweet. Nonfat pistachio fro yo is the bomb! I topped it with a few almond slivers, chocolate chips and some crunched up ice cream cone. Yum.

More veggies for dinner Chobani with apple and graham crackerAt work, I snacked on some PB Dark Chocolate nuts and a couple of handfuls of grape tomatoes. Dinner was a Lean Cuisine: Portobello beef and broccoli, I believe. (See? More veggies!)

When I got home after work, I was still not full, so I whipped up a snack of Chobani apple cinnamon yogurt with 1/4 of a chopped Jazz apple and half a sheet of graham cracker, crushed into crumbs. It was delicious!

You’ll note there was no soup and saltines anywhere in the day’s eats. I hope to keep it that way — indefinitely.

My tea arrived from the HLB Tea Swap. Look how creative Ruby was in her packaging:

HLB Tea Swap

So adorable! I love it.

She sent me Lemon Zinger, which I’ve always wanted to try, but been a little afraid of, and Peppermint, which I’m hoping is like Candy Cane Lane.

Gotta go. Time to decide what I’m doing with a word processing program.




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