WIAW: Sicker than a dog edition

With the nasty bug that kept me down all weekend still lingering a bit and my computer still in the shop, I didn’t take many pictures of Tuesday’s eats. I am, however, on the mend (I hope).

But I didn’t want to miss out on Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday bash. I’ve come to love sharing in the fun that is WIAW too much to let a little stomach virus keep me away.

I really am feeling better: My first thought upon waking Tuesday was, “I don’t ache.” Sadly, the longer I laid awake, the less true that was.


Looks the same as the other day. Boring, I know.

I lounged in bed until nearly 11 a.m. before getting up to face the day — and was pleased to be able to eat real, solid food for lunch. Okay, it was just chicken nuggets and a value-sized fries from Wendy’s … but I consider that a step up from Diet 7-Up, chicken noodle soup and saltines that have made up the bulk of my diet since Saturday.

Seriously. The only things that have sounded good to me since Sunday have either been full of salt (like the nuggets and fries) or sugar (like the half-price chocolate malt from Sonic I sent my roommate out for Sunday night.) I managed to drink about two-thirds of that small malt before deciding my stomach couldn’t take any more and letting it melt on my nightstand. I didn’t even get to the cherry and whipped cream. Sniff.

When I got home from work Monday night, I snacked on a few kettle corn PopChips (salty AND sweet). On Tuesday, in addition to the Wendy’s, I had a mocha Frappuccino Light and this Lemon Cake Pop … followed by a can of soup and crackers for dinner. Twenty-five Reese’s Pieces also found their way into my stomach after dinner. (Yes, I counted. That’s half a serving.)

20130508-001107.jpgThat cake pop deserves some more ink, though. It was ah-mazing. Sweet … tart … perfection.

The only not-perfect part? That little bit of heaven had 5 WW PointsPlus. For three bites? Not sure it’s worth that.

Ah well. Like I said, I haven’t been eating much lately. The whole no-appetite thing has been great in one respect: I’ve been looking very svelte in the mirror the last few days.

I’d rather have my appetite back, though.

My goal for today? To eat a couple of vegetables — or at least some fruit. After the carb-fest, I can tell my body’s screaming for nutrition. I noticed today that my skin looks terrible — I’m all wrinkly, like  my mother was. Maybe it’s a sign I need to start moisturizing … but since I just now saw it, I think it’s at least a little due to my poor eating.

I might be on the mend, but I can’t say the same for my computer. The shop called today, and it’s going to cost nearly $400 to fix it — probably more than the thing is worth. They even mentioned I might want to look at buying another one on eBay.

Haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet. Someone at my office mentioned the Google Chromebook, which looks mighty appealing at $250. I thought about replacing it with an iPad/keyboard for about $450. My brother says, “If you’re going to spend $450, why not get a real, live laptop?”

Because it’d have to be a PC. I’m a Mac girl, through and through. However, the Chromebook is intriguing. My brother was worried about security, since there’s no internal memory and everything’s in the cloud …

Here’s hoping I feel well enough to schlep out to Best Buy when I wake up, so I can investigate my options.

That’s after I have a healthy, veggie-ful breakfast, of course. Gotta get back on the wagon sometime. Losing weight on the soup/saltines diet is NOT the way to go. 😉


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