Still no word on my laptop

laptop… And the not knowing what’s going on with it is making me very, very nervous.

Why haven’t they called yet? What if I lose everything I had on there? I have a full version of “Diva in the Dugout,” since I recently emailed it to a friend … and I have backups of most of my manuscripts on a flash drive

… but the 20K I wrote on Drew and Lainy’s story in the month of April will be gone. Poof. Vanished into the ether.

The pictures I can do without. The websites I can bookmark again. But my damn WIP? I hate to think I wasted all last month.

Good argument for paying for a backup service like Carbonite, I suppose. I’ve gotten into the habit of emailing myself a doc every time I complete draft manuscripts, but this one wasn’t done — or even close to it. In fact, I’d pretty much decided to scrap most of the first three chapters … so about 10K.

Still, my fingers are crossed that radio silence from the repair shop isn’t a bad thing … that they can fix my baby — and fast. I don’t like being laptop-less.

I’ve started concocting worst-case scenarios in my head: How do I replace my laptop if it comes to that? Should I just buy an iPad and keyboard for about $500? Can I force myself to get a cheap PC for less than $300? (No. I’m a Mac girl, forever and always.)

Friday was kind of a bad day food-wise, too, although it started off OK.


Enjoy this gratuitous shot of Sedona I took Thursday. I really do love having such beauty in my back yard.

I woke up and made a delicious smoothie at about 10 a.m. Then I showered (without working out) and headed to Starbucks with a hard copy of one of my manuscripts. Got through about half the story — and a 4-Point bag of popcorn — while I was there. I also got a Frappuccino Light to go, since Frappuccino Happy Hour kicked off Friday.

Been looking forward to that all week — and, in fact, tweeted about how bad it was that FHH was the only thing making me want to get out of bed Friday morning.

I didn’t want to eat a lot because we were having a Mexican fiesta to send our business/city hall reporter off to Tucson for his new job — and I wanted to make sure I had enough WW Points for it.

Big mistake. I ended up eating way too much … chips, chimichangas, taquitos … guac, salsa, sour cream …

I know better. I do.

So why is it so hard to put into practice?


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