Thursday Thoughts with a computer on the fritz

Quick post, because I’m sitting at the office after-hours. My laptop is acting up, restarting itself every time I shift it even slightly on a table … so I knew it wouldn’t let me blog from the comfort of my bed.

At least I get to drive to Sedona in the morning. I bought the computer from the Mac Clinic there, so I’ll let them fix it. Fingers crossed that it’s a cheap, easy fix. I can’t afford anything expensive with Blend Retreat on the horizon.

— It’s Kale Week at Chicklets in the Kitchen. I blogged about that gorgeous green smoothie featured in yesterday’s WIAW post.

Taxes— Being an adult sucks sometimes. Property tax-paying time is one of those times. I could have bought a new cheap-ass PC for the amount of cash I dropped at the County Treasurer’s office. Ah well. At least they reserve special parking places for paying taxes. Otherwise, it’d be even more of a hassle.

plantnanny— I joined the Plant Nanny craze. Day One and my adorable little plant is already gasping, I’m afraid.

The app wants me to drink 128 ounces of water a day … a ton more than the 64 oz. WW asks (and I’ve been struggling with even that  much). I was three bottles short for Wednesday, and I still made about eleven thousand extra trips to the bathroom. I’d hate to see how many minutes I’ll spend there if I actually do make it to 128 ounces.

— Proud to say I’ve been on track with my eats this week. As much as I love Simply Filling, it’s nice to be able to just grab a frozen dinner and go. It makes packing meals so much easier.

FrozenDinnerThe butternut squash ravioli is one of my favorites. This one’s Safeway’s Eating Right brand, but I’m pretty sure Lean Cuisine makes the exact same meal.

— I skipped a walk and/or workout Wednesday, and probably will Thursday, too, since I’ll be driving my sick laptop to Sedona. Then again, maybe I should take advantage of all the lovely hiking opportunities while I’m down there. I don’t have to be at work until late, because nights have been long every night this week.

— I want in on the Verizon ambassador program. How can I get cool gadgets/discounted phone service? Then again, I’m not sure I could give up my iPhone …

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