Weekend reset off to a good start

So … last weekend I discovered I am not immune to falling off the WW wagon. I thought I’d hit the point where it had become more lifestyle than diet — but I was oh-so-wrong. As my weeklong vacation progressed, my eating grew more and more lax and exercise became nonexistent.

Here's my sign ...

Here’s my sign …

On Monday, I stopped, hit the reset button and started over again … again. For about the thousandth time.

At least this time I didn’t let a few bad days spiral into an out-of-control month or two. I’m learning!

I woke up and took a 20-minute walk, then whipped up a Pineapple Upside Down Cake Smoothie.

The smoothie didn’t turn out quite the same because I had to sub in a new kind of protein powder. (I used the last of my Peaceful Planet powder last time.) This time, I used Vega’s Vanilla Almondilla plant-based protein powder … and was shocked when I opened the bag and saw it was green.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake SmoothieOkay, perhaps “shocked” is too strong a word, given that the bag clearly states “plant-based.” I was slightly surprised, though — and none too excited when my pineapple smoothie came out a wee bit green.

It still tasted pretty good, though. I think the vanilla/almond flavor added a slightly more cake-y taste.

The rest of the day went well enough, eats-wise. (I’d planned to take my WIAW pix Monday, but after the smoothie, it slipped my mind.) I packed a chicken/veggie sandwich and roasted potatoes for lunch (then forgot to eat the potatoes with the sandwich). Dinner was a serving of lasagna soup (along with a side of asparagus and the potatoes I forgot earlier).

Snacks included a few nuts and — finally — a Chobani Flips. I loved the key lime pie flavor. Can’t wait to try another one.

I also had a Skinny Caramel Macchiato during writing time at Starbucks, and stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for an iced coffee and a single Munchkin on my way in to the office (completely unnecessary, I know). And once I was at work, in the throes of stress city near deadline hour, I mowed down on a 2-Point WW mini bar (Celebration Cake flavor). When I got home, I snacked again … this time on a couple of clementines.

In all, with me doing WW Tracking technique, I consumed  39 PointsPlus. That’s my daily 34 plus 5 FPs. Not bad … not bad at all.

What is bad? Dreading going back to work because it’s a torturous solo Monday, then getting there and seeing a schedule that says I have help … only to have the help not show.

Grrr. Had I known I didn’t have help after all, I’d have picked up my pace. I hate not even starting sports pages until after 9:30 p.m.

Is it sad that I’m already looking forward to my next vacation? Thank goodness it’s only a few weeks away, culminating with a weekend at Blend Retreat.

P.S. In case you were wondering, I did skip my WI. I figure I’ll check in with Mr. Scale later in the week, after I have a few days of drinking enough water and eating healthfully under my belt.


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