I spoke too soon

My first step on the road back to healthy living ...

My first step on the road back to healthy living …

Remember me patting myself on the back for turning what could have been a terrible diet day around? That was Wednesday. Let’s just say the weekend didn’t go well. A few questionable decisions on Friday and Saturday turned into a full day of no-holds-barred eating Sunday.

Yeah. You might say I spoke too soon.

I’ve pinpointed the problem, though: A lack of planning. Whoever “they” are, they say failing to plan is planning to fail — and in my case this weekend (hell, the whole week), they were right. I was away from my kitchen for the most part, and had a loose plan to eat premade chicken/veggies … but the plan was so loose that I drove through it several times.

Add that to falling off the workout wagon for most of the week, and I’m seriously contemplating skipping today’s WI. As I lounge here, feeling bloated and disgusted with myself Sunday night, I’m thinking a go-round with my scale in the morning will only serve to depress me and push me further into this funk.

I am, however, recommitting to tracking my eats — and sticking closely to WW. I know a couple of OP days will do wonders in improving my attitude and making me feel back in control.

The question becomes whether to go Simply Filling or Tracking … I did great my first week on SF. But the next two weeks were hit-and-miss. I found myself succumbing to that all-or-nothing thinking. Perhaps I need to go back to tracking for a while to regain my grasp before jumping back to SF.

A workout will also help. I’m definitely going to take a walk. A Best Body Bootcamp workout should also be on the agenda, but after playing hooky for all of Phase 2, I’m not sure whether to start back up with those workouts or jump ahead to Phase 3, where we’re supposed to be.

A good night’s sleep, a day of on-plan eats and a workout will put me back on the right track. A big glass of water before I go to bed will help, too.

Cheers. Here’s to waking up with a fresh, new outlook. I’ve come too far to backslide now.


2 responses to “I spoke too soon

  1. I would say jump into phase 3 and go back to phase 2 at the end. Good Luck getting back on track! Weekends can be rough, I know I always seem to fall off the wagon on weekends.

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