Small gain is no surprise

Despite what I saw when I hopped on the scale Monday morning, it ended up being a pretty good day.

First, the bad: I was up 0.8 pounds from last week. I know why. I didn’t track and I didn’t make the greatest choices Friday or Saturday … or even Sunday, if I’m being honest with myself. Movie popcorn and a pretzel do not a healthy diet make. I also skimped on my water drinking.

The first load of many ...

The first load of many …

French ToastI was determined to do better Monday — and I did, even though I was “on vacation.” For once, vacation didn’t become an excuse to indulge. It helped that I’m staying at home this week. I have plenty of time to make healthy meals.

My morning included a good breakfast, a 20-minute walk and a couple of loads of laundry. (More laundry followed in the evening, after writing time.)

Since I had all the time in the world for breakfast, I decided to experiment a little. I made “French toast” with a Bagel Thin dipped in egg and almond milk. Into the batter went 2 eggs, 1/4 cup almond milk & a sprinkle of cinnamon — enough to do two (or maybe three) bagel thins. I stopped with two, and boxed up the second one to eat later in the week.

I topped my French toast with 2 Tablespoons of Greek yogurt flavored with SF cinnamon syrup, and polished off the fruit left over from Saturday’s potluck.

Walk 042213Then I headed outside for a short walk. After yesterday’s 5K, I couldn’t bring myself to do more than 20 minutes. Yes, I was a tad bit stiff and sore.

Ah well. Twenty minutes is better than no minutes.

After my walk, it was time for more laundry and lunch. Then off to Target to pick up a replacement canister for my SodaStream before hitting Starbucks for writing time at 2. I got quite a bit done, actually. I wrote something like 1,300 new words, and cut and pasted from an old doc into the WIP, so I had a net gain of 3,319 for the day.

No, that’s not cheating. I’ve always intended to cannibalize an earlier version of this story for my new project … I’ve just finally gotten to the point where I can do it.

At about 5, after a stop at Safeway, I headed back home.

Since I didn’t do any food prep on Sunday, I spent a bit of time in the kitchen Monday night. I baked some peppers, onions and mushrooms with chicken breasts, and roasted a few red potatoes and a bunch of asparagus.

Baked chicken and veggies with a baked sweet potato topped with fat-free cottage cheese.

Baked chicken and veggies with a baked sweet potato topped with fat-free cottage cheese.

I also baked a sweet potato to have for dinner, along with some chicken and veggies.

So tasty. I think I need to eat more chicken. Or in the words of the Chick-fil-A cows, “Eat mor chik’n.”

Another thing making Monday pretty great? My shorts. I fit into an old pair of Eddie Bauer shorts.

They fit ... for the first time in years.

They fit … for the first time in years.

With the weather finally decently warm here in Flagstaff, I wanted to wear shorts — but most of the pairs I found were size 18 or larger. Knowing I’d be swimming in those, I pulled a pair of Eddie Bauer shorts out of my drawer … and they fit.

I was a bit surprised, actually. The last time I wore these shorts regularly, I weighed about 180 pounds. (Of course, I think they were looser then.)

Still, they fit! Not too tight … no stuffing myself into them like a sausage … it was a nice feeling.

Much nicer than the one I got hopping on the scale and seeing a gain (even if it was justified).


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