Another low-key weekend

Having an uneventful weekend isn’t a bad thing. After the last week or so, starting with last Sunday’s internet woes, it’s been nice to have the chance to just … unwind.

Panda ExpressThe relaxation started on Friday. For lunch before work, I did end up treating myself to Panda Express. I ordered half veggies/half rice, along with the samurai surf & turf and chicken & green beans.

Delicious! I can, however, see where it’d be easy to fool myself into thinking I’m eating healthier than I really am. Brown rice, veggies and a little meat sounds right OP … but the sauces more than likely are not.

Rest assured, I won’t be adding regular visits to Panda Express to my diet anytime soon. But it was a nice change from my usual fare.

I heartily approved of my fortune, too. I hope it’s referring to a new adventure in the world of publishing. I’d love to be able to report the fantastic news that I’ve sold one of my manuscripts.

After lunch, I walked across the parking lot to a build-your-own fro yo place. I wrote a little blurb for the paper when it opened, but at the time, I was doing Atkins, and I was never able to find sugar-free yogurt when I stopped in to sample the goods.

It won't be my last, that's for sure!

It won’t be my last, that’s for sure!

On Weight Watchers, I don’t have to worry about finding sugar-free yogurt — so I finally got to taste a build-your-own fro yo creation. Even though Simply Filling was probably already shot for the day, I tried to stick to higher-nutrition, Power Food-type choices. In the mix: pineapple, coconut and original tart yogurts, pineapple, strawberries, coconut and a few chocolate chips.

OMG. I can see why so many bloggers rave about fro yo. So tasty … relatively healthy … and inexpensive, to boot. A winner all the way around.

Again, I’m not planning to make it a habit. But as an occasional treat, it gets a big ol’ green light in my book.

Saturday was my writer’s group plotting session. It’s a potluck, and I decided to bring something I wouldn’t feel guilty about eating.

I ended up whipping up a batch of this Healthy Two-Ingredient Funfetti dip from the Adventures of Z & K. (I saw it recently on Twitter and HAD to pin it.) It was super-simple to make, and when it was mixed, it looked like frosting.

Tasted like frosting, too. I took cut-up fruit and graham crackers to serve with it. I loved it. I also ate a few too many chips.

After the meeting, I headed across town for softball practice. We were on the field for about an hour. At least I burned off some of those chips! But then I succumbed to a bit of “what the hell” thinking and grabbed a grilled onion cheddar burger and small fries from McDonald’s for dinner on my way home from writing time at Starbucks.

It could have been worse, I suppose. At least I didn’t order a huge burger and super-sized fries. And I avoided the urge to have a milkshake with the small burger and fries I got.

My #run4rhodes virtual 5k

My #run4rhodes virtual 5k

Anyway … I woke up Sunday determined to get back on track. First on my agenda was a virtual 5K. The Run For Rhodes Anywhere 5K , in honor of Dustin Rhodes, was part of National Cancer Control Month. The goal: “To remember those we have lost, support those fighting this disease and recommit to progressing toward effective cancer control.” Paula Kiger of Big Green Pen invited me to participate, and since I lost my father to lymphoma, I decided it was an excellent fit.

Paula and I “met” through Elf4Health … though I’m still not entirely convinced we’re not distantly related. I had an uncle Ken Kiger who lived somewhere in Florida (Tampa, maybe?) and my Grandpa (Jim) Kiger’s father also moved there after he and my Grandma (Helen) Charles were divorced. There can’t be that many Kigers in the world, can there?

I got dressed, grabbed a bottle of water and a homemade granola bar and struck out for my favorite neighborhood. When I got there, I made a huge loop through it … and ended up hitting my 3.11 miles before I got back to the house. I covered that distance in a hair under 49 minutes (slower than my 5k Turkey Trot in November, but the neighborhood also was hillier). In all, I ended up walking 3.45 miles in 55 1/2 minutes.

Some, but not enough, of that time was spent at a jog.

It made for a nice little workout. Good thing, too, because I spent the rest of the day sitting on my butt. I designated it “movie day” and planned to see “Oblivion” and “Place Beyond the Pines.”

Back on Track LunchBut before I left for the theater, I made a healthy lunch. Check out my turkey pastrami and spinach with Laughing Cow cheese and a smear of Miracle Whip on a sandwich thin.

That beauty only had 6 WW PointsPlus. I opted to count Points Sunday instead of doing Simply Filling because I thought tracking would help me better stay on track. It made me feel more in control after Saturday’s out-of-control eating — and that’s what matters, right?

I also answered my own question: If you switch from one method to another mid-week, the number of Flex Points you have left doesn’t change. If you have 29 left from Simply Filling, you have the same 29 left when you jump to Tracking.

Good to know.

Weighing in on my cinema experience? I proceeded to use most of the day’s Points for a small popcorn (8) during Movie No. 1, and then a soft pretzel (13) during Movie No. 2 because I was hungry. (Yeah, I didn’t plan that out so well. Should have packed myself a healthy snack to sneak in for Movie 2.)

First up was “Oblivion.” Freaky flick, but in a good way. The movie kicked off with a giant info dump to set it up — so giant that I thought “Crap. That’s a lot of backstory.” But I suppose we needed to know it all for the movie to make sense. As it was, the twists and turns were sometimes confusing. I can see why the review I ran in Friday’s movie section said it had the feel of a classic “Twilight Zone” episode.

The “Twilight Zone” thing was one of the reasons I wanted to see it, actually. Y’all know I’m a fan. “Oblivion” was a good movie despite the occasional confusing moment — and I thought Tom Cruise did a great job with the character of Jack Harper.

Up next was “The Place Beyond the Pines.” I love Bradley Cooper (almost as much as Channing Tatum) and think Ryan Gosling is OK — and I badly wanted to like this movie. The previews made it look excellent, and I’d been waiting for it to come to Flagstaff. (It was released two weeks ago, and only now made its way here. I figured it had to come, because it was pretty heavily hyped in more than one of the movies I’d seen recently.)

I wanted to like it — and did, kind of. But it wasn’t exactly what I’d been expecting to see.

In all honesty, I think my perception of the movie was colored by the review I read. I usually don’t put much stock in reviews, but this one seemed dead-on. The reviewer said it was overly long and seemed like two different stories.

I say, “Only two? Try three.” It was like three separate acts, related, yes — but too loosely. It switched POVs multiple times. First, it centered on Ryan Gosling’s character, an outlaw biker who started robbing banks to provide for his son. Then it jumps to the head of a good cop surrounded by corruption … and finally it leaps 15 years into the future, where it starts head-hopping like crazy.

The movie held my attention, but it did feel long. Unlike “Oblivion,” which clocked in at 125 minutes but flew by as I tried to make sense of the action, “Pines” seemed to drag on for a good share of its 140 minutes. I’m glad I saw it, but it’s not one I need to watch again.

The good news? I discovered I can watch a movie in my reading glasses without developing a headache. Getting old sucks.

I’m on vacation this week. I plan to use it to catch up on my novel writing. I’m way behind in my 40K in 30 days challenge.


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    • I looked for animal crackers, but they didn’t have any at my Safeway. Figured Grahams were the next best thing.

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