Softball Saturday

I am decidedly NOT a jockette … or even too terribly coordinated overall. I am, after all, the girl who walks into the edges of desks/tables with alarming frequency. I find bruises and have no idea how they got there.

Still, I somehow ended up agreeing to play softball for the office co-ed team this season. We had our second practice Saturday, on the only field that wasn’t already in use.

Field of dreams?

The view from the field wasn’t too shabby. I normally play catcher, since it doesn’t take a lot of hand-eye coordination — or endless squatting — to be catcher for a slow-pitch softball team. But for practice, no one’s playing catcher … so I’m out there trying to chase down fly balls and field grounders.

I think I only got hit in the shin once. Another time, the ball bounced off my foot. 😉 And when it came time to bat, I managed to make contact with the ball several times. Still got more than my share of strikes, though.

Sometimes I wonder if part of my lack of athletic ability is all a matter of confidence. If I believed I had some softball-playing talent, I might do better.

Then again, maybe my fate was sealed in middle school and high school PE, when I sucked at team sports and got laughed at. At least my teammates are supportive of my less-than-stellar efforts.

My day started at 7 a.m. When my cat, Spirit, woke me, I decided to get up and head to the Boyfriend’s mom’s to get my glove. (Last weekend, I just borrowed someone else’s.) I briefly considered driving to Prescott for a Trader Joe’s run, since I was already halfway there. But I decided my pre-practice hours would be better utilized by putting in writing time at Starbucks.

Afterward, I hit up the health food store for almond milk and oats … and ended up picking up a couple of new-to-me items:

Health-food store finds Larabar ALTZevia soda — all-natural, zero-calorie, zero-artificial sweeteners — sweetened was on sale in the deli cases for 65 cents a can. After getting a tweet from the company, which is one of the sponsors for Blend Retreat, I decided why not try it early?

So I bought a can of cream soda. It was pretty tasty … a bit sweeter than the homemade SodaStream concoctions I’ve been making, but good nonetheless.

I’ve neer seen Larabar ALT before, but this Pumpkin Pie bar caught my eye. (I also picked up a lemon bar, still uneaten.) This type has more protein and less fat than the typical Larabar.

Out of the wrapper, it was slightly bigger — and drier — than a regular Larabar. And it was slightly crunchy.

Google just helped me figure out why. Larabar’s website says:

ALT®, the Alternative Protein Bar™, is the first-ever bar with added protein from LÄRABAR! Many bar brands use soy or whey protein, but ALT uses an alternative protein source: peas. Vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and non-GMO, ALT also uses a wrapper that is 31% renewable.

It comes in four flavors, three of which I saw at my store: Pumpkin Pie, Lemon Pound Cake, Peanut Butter Cookie and Cinnamon Apple Crisp.

A delicious post-workout snack, with just 5 PointsPlus. I didn’t feel bad about splurging on it because A) Lunch was a skinny latte and bag of dried apple slices from Starbucks; and B) 90 minutes of softball practice earned me 9 Activity Points.

Thanks to Best Body Bootcamp and the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge, I’ve earned 16 APs this week. Woot!

Since I didn’t buy anything perishable at Natural Grocers, I headed down the street to Target. I was nursing the as-yet vain hope of finding some of the Chobani Flips yogurts that everyone has been tweeting and instagramming about. I’ve been checking Target periodically since first seeing the Flips online, always coming away empty-handed.

Perseverance finally paid off:

Chobani find

I bought one Almond Coco-Loco, one Key Lime Crumble and one Honey-Banana … and then immediately regretted spending 5 FlexPoints on that Larabar. Had I not eaten it, I could have tried one of the Flips Saturday night.

Instead, I fixed a tortilla pizza (with ham, bell peppers and onion) and wrote some more. (I hit 1,400 words for the day —  for the first time this month. That’s the number I should be writing on my manuscript EVERY day to get 40K by the end of April. I have a lot of catching up to do.Late dinner

That’s what Sunday is for — that, and movie watching. I think I’ll go see “42.” It looks like an excellent movie.

Now, since I’ve been awake for much too long, I’m heading to bed. Maybe sleep will make me a bit less achy.


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