We have a winner

Another eye exam is in the books. The bad news is my eyes got a little worse. The good news, if you can call it that, is that I don’t need bifocals … yet. The doc says that usually happens in the mid- to late-40s, so I don’t have much longer to go.

He did give me a secondary prescription for reading glasses. He told me that with my stronger prescription for nearsightedness, it might hinder computer work and close-up reading. I’m supposed to keep an eye out for that, and if it happens, go back and get myself some reading glasses. If I have to do that, I’ll probably just have new lenses put in my current frames.

Thanks for all your feedback on frames. I (finally) made my decision:

Blue frames Blue frames


The blue frames.

And yes, thanks to the Boyfriend’s insistence, I got the Transitions lenses — you know, the kind that change colors outdoors.

The last time I had photo-gray lenses, they never did get completely clear. Even inside, I had to look through gray-tinted glasses.

Of course, that was my first pair of glasses, way back in seventh grade. I certainly hope the technology is much improved almost 30 years on.

The technician who helped me with my order  said “You have great benefits.”

$272 later, I have to wonder how much my glasses would have cost if I had less-than-great benefits. Apparently a lot more than that …

For the first time in weeks, I took no pictures today. (That’s why I’m recycling some from Saturday, in case you hadn’t guessed.)

I had my weekly WI for WW: Down another 0.8 pounds from last Monday. Not a super-shiny loss, but a loss all the same. I’ll take it. It puts me at 29 pounds gone since Jan. 1.

button250After my check-in with the mean metal monster, I fueled up for my first Best Body Bootcamp workout with a banana and PB. Then I headed out to the deck with my stability ball and a set of five-pound weights.

I always forget how sneaky Tina’s workouts are. They LOOK simple enough when demonstrated by some buff chick or dude on my laptop screen … but when it’s time for me to do them, I realize they’re much tougher than they appear. I made it through 2 full sets, but started to get lightheaded as I started set 3. I decided that was my body’s way of saying “Enough,” so I stopped. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to do more.

Funny how I can walk at a decent clip for an hour without getting over-tired, but can’t last for more than about 30 minutes of strength training. More than 10 hours later, I’m feeling it in my chest and my legs. I might have to use the foam roller before bed.

I’m apparently in indecisive mode, because I had a heck of a time settling on my extra bootcamp goals, too. My personal goals for Phase One are:

  • No snacking after work (I already broke this one when I got home Monday. Thank goodness I still have six days to get it right.)
  • Brushing/flossing before bed. (Still have time to do that.)

Despite another stressful work night, my week is off to a great start. I should have new glasses in a week to 10 days, and, compared to last week (when I ate a chunk of FPs on Monday), I’m already ahead of the WW game.

The little things make me happy. My FlexPoints are like money in the bank: The more I have, the better I feel. Am I the only one who feels that way? Tell me I’m not …



2 responses to “We have a winner

  1. 2 sets is plenty! Which is why I emphasized 2 or 3. You did great. Love the glasses too. Although don’t you HATE how $$$ they are? I had to get new glasses recently too and its always a sucker punch to the wallet. Plus they seem not so bad with just the frames price listed…then you pick out the frames and it’s “Oh, this much for the lenses, this much for this, and that”. Grrr.

    • Thanks! I still wonder how much I’d have paid if I didn’t have “great” benefits. The Boyfriend said his last glasses cost $500. Yikes! I’m hoping that I DON’T need the extra set of reading glasses. If I do, I’ll probably just get the lenses put in my current frames.

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