Ready for bootcamp

button250The workouts are printed out. I’ve checked links to the videos for any unfamiliar moves — at least for Workout A. I have time before I need to look at Workouts B & C. I’ve even done most of the fit test, and plan to see how fast I can walk a mile today.

I’m as ready as I can be to start Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp today.

Some of the moves scare me … hello, Surrender Squat. I remember you not-so-fondly from a previous bootcamp. But I’m going to give it my best shot.

Like Tina said in one of her “welcome to bootcamp” emails, we don’t need to aim for perfection, only consistency.


I think I too often forget that fact. I get hung up on trying to do it all, perfectly, and instead end up doing nothing at all.

The Spring Bootie Buster Challenge is helping me get over that. Sure, I probably SHOULD be walking for 30-plus minutes … but a short, 10-minute walk is better than nothing. It gives me at least 1 point for the day, which beats the heck out of none.

I’m eager to see how much I can improve on my fit test, because my starting times are certainly nothing to write home about. It’s embarrassing, really, how weak I am. I think I managed to last for 16 seconds in the wall sit, and double that for my on-the-knees plank. We won’t even talk about my pathetic 5 girly push-ups in 60 seconds. Guess I should have done the No Girly Pushups Challenge after all.

Speaking of walks, I treated myself to an Easter Sunday walk in my other favorite neighborhood — the one with real, stick-built homes. Railroad Springs has manufactured homes; Boulder Pointe is made up of real houses. Real, beautiful houses. The kind of houses that easily cost half a million dollars or more.

Walking West Flagstaff

I’m not kidding. Houses are expensive in Flagstaff. There’s a reason it’s known as “poverty with a view.” Lest you still think it’s an April Fool’s joke, here’s a close-up of that flier I picked up while walking.

Pricey home

See: That first bullet point says ” $549,000, 3,984 sf living area.

It’s a gorgeous house, sure — but half a million bucks worth of gorgeous? Such is the danger of living in Flagstaff, where my crappy manufactured home appraised at nearly half that. It’s the land. The city is surrounded by National Forest, so land is precious — and priced accordingly.

That walk (50 minutes, 2.81 miles) brought my March total to 29 miles. I recorded 17 Nike+ “runs” (really only 16, because of that one day last week I re-started my walk) — 3 more than in September, my previous best month. My mileage was slightly lower than September’s — 29 miles vs. 29.3.

I’ll take it!

Two-Ingredient PancakeWhen I returned from my walk, I whipped up a special Easter brunch: a two-ingredient pancake, turkey sausage and a PB Chocolate Smoothie. Then I took myself to a movie, “The Croods.” It was really cute. Of course, with the voices of Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone, how can you go wrong?

After the movie, I spent some time in the kitchen, doing food prep for the week. I made Lindsay’s Tuna Quinoa Cakes and Black Bean Meatless Balls (this time with black beans), as well as roasting some butternut squash, making a quinoa-stuffed butternut squash bulb and cutting up a fresh pineapple.

Sunday Food Prep
Sunday Food PrepGetting ready for my eye doctor’s appointment in the morning. I still haven’t decided which glasses I want.

It’s a big decision! Click on through to this post and let me know what you think.


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