A big decision

My appointment with the eye doctor isn’t until Monday, but I spent time at Nationwide Vision on Saturday, trying to decide what my new glasses will look like. I wanted to get a jump on the choice because once my eyes are dilated, I won’t be able to see what I’m picking.

Getting new glasses is always such a chore. Not only do I HATE getting my eyes dilated, I can never make up my mind which frames to get. My company’s vision insurance  covers frames every other year and lenses every year. Since I’ll be stuck with the frames for two years, I want to make the best choice I can.

I've pretty much eliminated the pair on the left.

I’ve pretty much eliminated the pair on the left.

That’s why I decided to take pictures of myself wearing the various frames. I had that brilliant idea in the car on the way to Nationwide — and since I’d just gotten out of the shower, my hair was wet. Knowing none of the frames would look good with my hair plastered to my head, I turned the vent on high and used it to blow-dry my hair while sitting at a stoplight.

Unfortunately, the drive to pick the glasses I’ll want to live with for TWO WHOLE YEARS paralyzes me with indecision.

That’s where you guys come in. Why keep the pictures to myself? I made a collage and posted it to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, seeking feedback. Now it’s the blog’s turn.


I honestly love all three pairs. The frames in the top row are blue; the middle row is a pair of “retro” frames in brown; the bottom row has fun purple frames with rhinestones.

The photos make the retro frames look darker than they are. I tried on the same frames in black and hated ’em, but the lighter brownish color was AOK.

So far, the votes are inconclusive, with the top and bottom frames each getting five votes and the middle getting two (three, counting the input from the technician at Nationwide).

Help me decide!

I didn’t spend the whole day at the glasses store, though. I also went to see “Oz” — finally. Bad reviews or no, I really enjoyed it. I thought James Franco made an excellent young wizard.

When I got home, I cleaned up my room a little bit to make room to set up my new wireless printer.

Ahem. I said “new” printer … but it’s really the one I bought at a Black Friday super-sale. The box has been sitting in my room, unopened, ever since. I just now got around to setting it up because messing around with technology like that baffles me more often than not. To say I’m “technologically challenged” is an understatement.

I’m pleased to report printer setup wasn’t as difficult as I feared. With a little help from the roommate’s husband, my new printer is up and running. I figured out how to connect my phone, too. Now I can print from my laptop or phone. And if I had photo paper, I could print out pictures!

Welcome to the 21st century, right?


5 responses to “A big decision

  1. Aesthetically, I like the bottom ones, but the rhinestones detract from your eyes which is not what you want them to do. I think the top ones are cute, and will work nicely for two years. It is a big commitment, isn’t it?

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