Not my week

This is one of those weeks where nothing has gone right. No Golden Heart final. Then I missed a typo in a headline last night. And when I got home Thursday night, I went to plug in my laptop and … No juice.

Thank goodness tomorrow is payday. The first order of business is Best Buy.

For now, the quick update:

  • Took a 30-minute walk Thursday (but forgot to put on my pedometer.
  • Ate a few FPs on top of the 34 I’m allowed.
  • Pretty much giving up hope on the DietBet that ends today. I won’t be at all surprised if I don’t win my money back.
  • Crossing my fingers that the computer just needs a cord.

At least I ate a healthy dinner.

Quinoa Taco Plate That’s leftover quinoa, beans and veggie Mexican crumbles with cheese and salsa over a couple cups of spinach. Tasty and easy. Plus, only 9 WW Points. (Would have had 8 if I’d halved the 1/4 cup of cheese … but I wanted “cheesy” to be the operative word of the night.


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