WIAW: What I (wish I) ate Wednesday

Howdy, all. It’s that time of week again: Time to link up with Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday party.


I know this month’s theme is WIAW Goes Green, and I’m sorry to report I didn’t eat a single green thing on Tuesday. But wait: I have a reason — and it’s a doozy.

After NOT finaling in the RWA Golden Heart (for the second year in a row), I was bummed. Majorly bummed. Wondering if I’m a no-talent hack, one-hit-wonder bummed. (My writer friends were quick to set me straight on that, thank goodness.)

When I woke up to my alarm clock instead of an early-morning “congratulations” call, I wanted to dive head-first into a vat of chocolate … or a gigantic plate of chili-cheese fries … or a breaded, deep-fried pork tenderloin as big as my head.

What I did instead:

Walk(s) 032613

Granola BarThrew on my workout clothes and shoes and grabbed a No-Bake PB Granola Bar (Yes, I’m still eating the batch I made weeks ago. And they still taste great.). Then I headed out for a walk.

About five minutes in — and partway to my favorite walking neighborhood, I realized I forgot to put on my pedometer … so I doubled back to the house. I grabbed a water bottle, too, and the car keys. Yeah, I took the easy route and drove over to Railroad Springs. I might be wrong, but I think half the fun of walking in that neighborhood is getting over there on foot.

Back home after trying to work out my disappointment for 2-plus miles, I whipped up one of my Pineapple Upside Down Cake Smoothies.

Pineapple upside down cake smoothie

Oh, that wasn’t quite what I wanted. I could have happily devoured a full-fat, full-sugar chocolate milkshake. But, being fully aware that emotional eating wouldn’t make me feel better, I settled for my new favorite smoothie instead. I learned a valuable lesson, though: I tried to use canned pineapple instead of frozen and not only did it have more PointsPlus, it also made for a much runnier smoothie.

Frozen pineapple rules, canned pineapple drools.

My decent choices continued when I got to Starbucks and ordered an iced green tea with 1 Splenda. I could have easily ordered a Frappuccino — a real one, with whipped cream … and I still might later this week, because I have a freebie coming my way. But I told myself it wouldn’t make me feel better, and might actually make me feel worse. (Guilt for making poor choices and all that.)

Lunch was my one concession to wallowing:

Burger & Fries

On my way in to work, I got a Grilled Onion Cheddar burger from McDonald’s and a small order of fries from Wendy’s. Yes, I said small (not the value size I sometimes get). The burger was 8 Points; the fries had 9. Higher than a normal lunch, for sure … but at least I didn’t super-size.

Funnily enough, the dinner I got to celebrate my 2011 GH final was also a burger and fries … but larger, from a local place called Mamaburger. And I seem to recall a milkshake being involved.

My snack was a serving of Emerald PBJ mixed nuts.

PBJ nuts

St. Patty's Day DinnerWhen dinnertime rolled around, I heated up  … something green! I forgot about the Brussels sprouts I had for dinner. Hooray! (The photo’s recycled. I did not also have a green shake.)

I also polished off the rest of a bag of Reese’s Pieces from my desk drawer and, later, succumbed to the call of the vending machine. I got a bag of mini vanilla creme cookies. I’d eaten through my packed eats but still wanted something (like a giant slab of cake).

But instead of eating the whole bag of cookies without thinking, I counted out the 9 in a serving (about half the bag) and ate them slowly.

It’s progress, for sure.

When all was said and done, I ended up eating 48 Points total. That used my 34 daily Points plus 14 FPs.

I’m a bit disheartened that I only have 27 FlexPoints left when my WW week goes through the weekend … but glad to have made somewhat moderate choices. It could be worse. At least I didn’t blow through ALL 49 FPs in one day!

Progress, not perfection.

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