Not according to plan

My Friday was another one of those days that didn’t go according to plan.

When I went to bed Thursday night, my plan was to get up, work out and then spend as long as it took to do my taxes before heading in to work.

But I didn’t sleep so well, and when my alarm went off Friday morning, I hit the snooze alarm — several times. Then I tweeted:

I received some sympathy from Kath, who also planned some quality time with her taxes. Ugh.

My answer? I didn’t get out of bed for a good hour, instead lazing under the covers while I checked facebook, twitter, instagram and feedly on my phone. I even reorganized my folders and downloaded a new (free) app, Instaframe.

Puffy cloudsThen, when I finally did haul myself out of bed, I didn’t work out or start my taxes. Shame, that, because it turned out to be a beautiful day: Bright blue sky full of puffy white clouds that I didn’t see until I left the house to go to work.

Instead, I spent all my pre-work hours doing laundry and puttering in the kitchen.

Now my taxes still aren’t done, so I have that to look forward to again. Grr. I miss the days when I didn’t procrastinate. Seriously — in high school/college, I was the one who turned in assignments early. (You can read more about that on my writing blog; I recently wrote a post on just that subject: Down to the Wire.)

At least I’ll be well-fed this weekend. I made another batch of my Noodle-less Spaghetti and cooked up the rest of my shaved Brussels sprouts according to Tina’s recipe, Cheesy Garlic Herb Brussels Sprouts and Sausage.

That’s something, I guess.

Here’s another thing that didn’t go according to plan: My NCAA tourney bracket. I’m afraid that after today’s poor showing, I can no longer joke that after living in Indiana most of my life, I learned basketball through osmosis.

Yep. My bracket’s already screwed. How could Georgetown lose? I’ve never even heard of FGCU.

Sad but true. I have no skillz this year.

Sad but true. I have no skillz this year.

All those orange marks are teams already out of it. I have way too many orange marks on my sheet for comfort. Oh well. At least my Final Four are all still alive. For now. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Indiana, Gonzaga, Duke and Kansas to make it to the Final Four.

This is the last time I pay attention to seeds when I’m making my picks. Usually, I go with my gut — but this year, I studied the bracket a little more closely and picked more teams that should have won. When I won the pool a couple of years ago, it was because I had Butler going deep when no one thought they would.

As an Indiana gal, I’m ridiculously loyal to Indiana teams … That’s why I had my brother’s alma mater, Valpo, winning several games this year. I’ll probably be sorry for not picking IU for the championship game — unless I’m not. It’s so hard to tell. Guess that’s why they call it March Madness.

If I don’t win the office pool, I’m still only out a buck. That’s all it cost to buy in this time. I won’t point out how much I was looking forward to buying myself lunch with this year’s winnings …

I should probably get some sleep. I got partway through  my taxes before realizing I needed to know how much I paid for my motor vehicle registration. The email isn’t still hanging out in my inbox, and I didn’t feel like getting dressed again to run out to the car.

Taxes and a Saturday at work to look forward to today. But I hope to get outside for a longer walk before I buckle down. If you stopped by the blog looking for Survey Saturday, it’ll return next week. Probably. Always assuming I can find another survey to answer — and don’t have any more March Madness rants.


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