WIAW … Actual Wednesday Edition

Well, I feel foolish. Because I had Monday off, I spent most of Wednesday thinking it was Tuesday … and photographing my eats for a WIAW post. Only when I saw Jenn’s linkup in my reader did it dawn on me that it was already Wednesday and I missed my chance to get in on the fun over at Peas & Crayons.

The good news? I didn’t miss my chance after all. I still have seven hours to add my link to the mix.


So here’s what I ate … you know, on an actual Wednesday.

Banana & PB Banana plain

I kicked off the morning with half a banana and peanut butter before my walk. After the walk, I ate the other half of the banana plain.

Then it was smoothie time. I’m still working on getting the flavor right. Any ideas on how I can add more pineapple flavor? (I tried using a full cup of frozen pineapple chunks, but that’s not strong enough.)

The flavors might not have been perfect, but that didn’t stop me from slurping down that smoothie. Yum!

Still not perfect

Still not perfect

Up to that point, the closest I got to ingesting something green was the straw in my smoothie.

Enter my Starbucks snack: A skinny iced mocha/caramel latte and Trader Joe’s Wasabi Wow snack mix. Take note of the tiny green peas …

I almost didn’t buy the snack mix. When I was at TJ’s last weekend, I checked out the bag, put it back on the shelf, then grabbed it again. I decided why not? After all, I love Blue Diamond’s wasabi-soy almonds. I’m glad I took a chance on it, because it was good. Really good. The spicy wasabi-coated peas provided a burst of flavor in every bite, mixing perfectly with the sweetness of the dried fruit and salty nuts.

Wasabi Wow

Peanut Butter M&Ms Grape TomatoesMy snacks at work included a handful of grape tomatoes and 3/4 oz. peanut butter M&M speckled eggs. The photo doesn’t show ALL the M&Ms I ate … I think there were 7 total. (3/4 oz. is half the amount the bag lists as a serving, and was valued at 3 WW PointsPlus. The full 1.5-oz. serving has 6 Points.)

"meatball" sandwich with soup

When dinnertime rolled around, I heated up a serving of butternut squash soup and some meatless meatballs, which I turned into another sandwich: 3 meatballs, some spinach, a garlic & herb cheese wedge and 2 teaspoons prepared pesto. More green! And let’s not forget my tangelo (also from Trader Joe’s).

Some of today’s eats went unphotographed: Hummus and pretzel crisps, a handful of regular chocolate M&Ms and a Cadbury Cream Egg.

Even though I didn’t go very green, I’d say it was a pretty successful day of eats. Thanks, Jenn, for hosting the WIAW linkup.


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