Weight Watchers, Take 2: Milestone achieved

For anyone waiting for an update on my Monday weigh-in, I hope you didn’t turn purple and pass out while holding your breath.

I didn’t not post because I was unhappy with the number I saw on the scale. On the contrary: I was a little amazed to be down 2.6 pounds for the week.

WW chart

On top of being a fantastic loss, it pushed me  over a milestone. Since I joined WW on Jan. 1, I’ve lost 25.4 pounds.

That’s right … a little more than 25 pounds gone — this time for good (I hope). That means I’ve lost 10% of my starting weight, 248.

I’m not surprised that I’ve managed to post at least a small loss each week. As my former leader said, the program works when you work the program … and I’ve been working it hard.

What does surprise me, though, is the fact that I ate all of my Flex Points and dipped into some Activity Points and still ended up posting the largest loss I’ve had in weeks.

I was down 0.8 the first week of March, and 0.4 the second — both weeks where I didn’t eat quite so many FPs (although I came darn close the week of the 0.4 loss). Then, when I worried I’d see a gain because of my indulgence, I ended up down 2.6 pounds instead.

How does that happen? Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I’d just like to understand.

Meatless meatballsAfter doing a little happy dance at the scale, I grabbed a quick snack and headed out for a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood. When I returned to the house, I nuked some lunch.

That’s three of Lindsay’s Black Bean Meatless Meatballs, made with a mix of white beans and pinto beans because I didn’t have any black beans in the pantry. I heated the finished meatballs and threw them into a serving of that TJ’s Organic Low-Sodium Butternut Squash Soup. Delicious!

I liked the meatballs so much that I ate another three for dinner Monday night. This time, I smashed them slightly on a Sandwich Thin smeared with 1 teaspoon pesto and a Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedge (garlic and herb). Also tasty.

Better yet, each of those delicious little suckers has just 1 WW PointPlus — a 3-ball serving is 3 Points. They look super-meaty, don’t they?

Hmm. I wonder what they’d taste like if I added some finely chopped mushroom to the mix …

With lunch out of the way, I whipped up a Tropical Mango Smoothie for the road and packed some eats for the rest of the day. Then, with Monday off because I’ll be working Saturday, I headed down the mountain to Camp Verde. I took care of some NARWA business, then hung out at Starbucks ’til the Boyfriend made it back from Phoenix.

I quite enjoyed not working Monday — but I’ll be singing a different tune later this week, when I’m stuck at the office on Saturday.

Ah well. At least I’m employed.

I kind of failed Monday’s HealthysELF task, which was to give a miss to all processed foods. I didn’t even think to check the challenge details before my walk/lunch … and by then I’d eaten processed peanut butter on a banana (pre-walk fuel) and soup from a carton. I also ended up having some Emerald PBJ mixed nuts, as well as that Sandwich Thin and pesto from a jar.

This one was good, but not quite the flavor I was going for. I'll share as soon as I get it right.

This smoothie was good, but not quite the flavor I was going for. I’ll share the recipe as soon as I get it right.

No writing got done Monday or Tuesday. I didn’t get any exercise Tuesday morning, either. Instead, the Boyfriend and I lazed around and watched “The Warrior” (his pick). It was better than I expected it to be.

Today is a new day, though. I’m planning a walk, work on perfecting a smoothie I was inspired to make Tuesday and writing time at Starbucks.

I’m raring to start on a bright, shiny new story idea. But I’m going to try something different first: An outline … or at least a synopsis. Usually I write the synopsis AFTER I finish the story, which is apparently a$$-backward.

Might as well try something new.

But before I can do that, I have NARWA paperwork to take care of. I should also do my taxes. Ugh. So much to do, so little time.

I did manage to get a 10-minute workout, courtesy of the GoFitGals Desk Jockey Stretches video. However, my muscles are stiff and sore enough — for no apparent reason, I might add — that I’m contemplating breaking out the foam roller.


4 responses to “Weight Watchers, Take 2: Milestone achieved

  1. Congrats on a great week and reaching 10%. I know that is a huge milestone at WW. I too wish I understood how that scale works sometimes! Seems I can do the same thing two weeks and once week see a loss and the other not. I’m going to try eating MORE this week and see how that work for me.

    • Maybe eating more is the key … But I tend to feel anxious/guilty as I get closer to using the last of my weekly flex points.

  2. It scare me to eat more! I earn about 25 activity points we week and use those first before my weeklies. I typically use most of my activity points, but not weeklies.

    • I hear you … and I hear all the experts who say you can’t under-eat to lose weight. But it seems counterintuitive that eating MORE will lead to weight loss. I know, I know: It all depends on what you’re eating more of.

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