Survey Saturday: Fives

Survey SaturdayLast weekend, I shared a Random Countdown Survey from Julie Go Lean. This weekend’s survey comes to you courtesy of a different Julie: Julie from PB Fingers. And its theme is “Fives.”

Clearly I’m on some sort of numbers kick. No idea where THAT comes from, considering I haven’t even thought about math since my freshman year of college.

Last five people I talked to on the phone:

  1.  My roommate
  2. The Boyfriend
  3. The vet’s office
  4. The Boyfriend’s mom
  5. My bank

Last Five Meals I Ate:

  1. DietToGo Chicken Alfredo melt with roasted veggie salad
  2. A GreenLiteBites recipe

    A GreenLiteBites recipe

    Roni’s Quinoa Stuffed Butternut Squash Bulb (along with an egg sandwich on a Bagel Thin that I whipped up to tide me over when I realized the squash would be in the oven for an hour. I’d slept through breakfast)

  3. DietToGo tuna salad with fruit cup
  4. A McDonald’s grilled onion cheddar burger & small fries
  5. This Tropical Smoothie

Last five places I’ve traveled:

  1. Prescott, Ariz.
  2. Phoenix
  3. Anaheim, Calif.
  4. Salt Lake City, Utah
  5. New York

Next five places I will go (outside of my hometown):

  1. Phoenix for an RWA Chapter meeting
  2. Prescott for my RWA chapter’s meeting
  3. My brother’s place in Salt Lake City, Utah
  4. Park City, Utah for Blend Retreat
  5. Atlanta, Ga., for the RWA National Conference

Last five workouts:

  1. Shoveling snow
  2. GoFitGals Desk Jockey Stretches video
  3. 25-minute treadmill workout (hills)
  4. GoFitGals Desk Jockey Stretches
  5. 15-minute treadmill walk (hills)

Five things making me happy right now:

  1. Spirit is curled up next to me, purring away
  2. The prospect of my NARWA meeting today. We’re having a hero panel, with several (male) guest speakers
  3. A little help from my online friends. The support and encouragement I get from y’all is amazing.
  4. My SodaStream machine
  5. Trying new recipes

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