Exercise? Check

On Thursday, I had the exercise piece of the puzzle but my eats weren’t so great.

They started off okay. I hopped out of bed after just two taps of the snooze button and grabbed a little fuel for my walk:

Banana and PB

Half a banana with 1/2 T PB smeared on it. Super-simple and surprisingly delicious. I loved how portable it was: I just smeared PB on the banana and I was out the door.

Beautiful day in the neighborhood Me & My Shadow

At the risk of sounding like Mr. Rogers, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Look at that gorgeous blue sky! And nearly all the snow is gone. (I should have snapped a picture of the sad remains of Yoga Snowman. All that was left of the poor guy was a small mound of snow … perhaps half of his bottom.)

Fingers crossed that it was the last snow we’ll see for the season.

I ended up taking a 23-minute walk and covering a little more than 1.3 miles.

Then it was time for a little experimentation in the kitchen.

As I said I would, I made Jenn’s Irish Nachos for lunch.

It was my first time using the mandolin slicer I picked up at Bed, Bath and Beyond a few weeks ago.  It took a bit of getting used to — at first I was muttering under my breath that a knife would be easier. But I kept at it because I wanted slices of uniform thickness … and using the thing did get easier.

I loved her trick of broiling the potato slices on a wire rack. It worked like a dream — despite the fact that it was my first time using the broiler. Yes, I’m almost 42 years old and have never used the broiler. For some reason, it’s always scared me.

No more! It was so easy I was left wondering what the heck took me so long.

I topped my potato slices with 1/4 cup of reduced fat Cheddar-Jack cheese. While the cheese was melting, I scrounged around for other toppings. Couldn’t find the black olives I thought I had in the pantry, and I had no tomatoes. I wanted a meat (or meat-like) topping, but didn’t have any thawed hamburger handy. I considered veggie “meat” crumbles, but didn’t feel like digging in the freezer for them … so I ended up thawing a couple of already-cooked burger patties mixed with sweet potato and zucchini. Add to that some salsa and Greek yogurt …

By the time I was done jerry-rigging some nacho toppings, my plate looked like this:

Irish Nachos

Not quite as pretty — or cheesy — as the ones on Jenn’s blog, but they were still pretty darn tasty. I’ll probably make ’em again sometime. Maybe I’ll splurge on a few extra Points for more cheese.

I met my writer friend at Starbucks to get some work done before work. I had a free drink coming, so I got a Skinny Frappuccino made with half mocha and half caramel. Yum.

It was when I got to work that the trouble began. I couldn’t/didn’t want to resist the cake. And once I ate a piece of cake, I popped a mini-bag of popcorn to “cut the sweet.” Then I decided I wanted some ice cream, too. (A clear case where I shouldn’t have started.)

Could have been worse, though: At least I took just a small piece of cake and a little scoop of ice cream. And then I DIDN’T eat the Cadbury Cream Egg I brought with my eats as an after-dinner treat.

When all was said and done, I consumed 13 of my FPs. The bad news? That leaves me with just 21 for Friday and the weekend — and I have my romance writer’s group meeting on Saturday. Guess I’ll be ordering a salad.

That’s okay, though. The restaurant where we meet has decent salads. And if I resign myself to that now, I won’t be tempted by the rest of the menu, right?

Grrr. At least I’ve earned several Activity Points that I can dip into if I get desperate.

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