Back to a routine

Well, I tried to get back into my new, healthier routine Wednesday … with mixed results.

Instead of getting up by 10 so I could take at least a short walk, I slept in ’til nearly 11. (Consequently, the day’s step total clocked in at less than 2K. Not good at all.)

Second-Day Salad Arby's Chopped Turkey SaladI got up and ate the rest of the Arby’s roasted turkey chopped salad, which wasn’t nearly as tasty as it had been the night before. It was still edible — just barely. You can see the noticeable difference between the photo on the left (Wednesday lunchtime) and the one of the right (Tuesday dinnertime).

That’s what I get for dumping dressing on the whole thing yesterday, I guess. Maybe I should have tried  that old dieter’s trick of dipping my fork in the dressing.

Live and learn …

With lunch eaten and eats packed for the rest of the day (noodle-less spaghetti for dinner, PBJ Mixed Nuts for a snack), it was off to Starbucks. I’m pleased to say I got some real writing work done before I had to head into the office.

On my way in to work, I made a run to Dunkin’ Donuts. I had a couple of unaccounted for Points in the day’s budget, and jelly-filled Munchkins were calling my name. I bought two, plus an iced coffee.

You heard me. I went from Starbucks to DD — and had coffee both places. Maybe I really do have a drinking problem …

Work was … well, work. The sucky thing about taking a Tuesday off is that Wednesday then feels like Monday all over again. At least I don’t do a solo shift on Wednesdays, so I had help.

Then, when I came home, I succumbed to the urge to snack. I ate both a Ham & Asparagus Egg Cup and two Reduced-Fat Oreos. Grrr … It’s much easier to say “yes” to the snacks when I don’t have the added incentive of the GoFitGals’ challenge to keep me on the straight and narrow.

So that was my Wednesday in a nutshell: No workout, not much movement at all to speak of, although I did do the GFG Desk Jockey Stretches at the end of the night, and questionable eats.

Today is a new day … a new battle. I have my eye on Jenn’s Irish Nachos for breakfast (or brunch, depending on when I get up). And I WILL be setting the alarm to give myself walking time before I hit the Bux.


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