Not-so-sensational Sunday

Roni‘s known for her “Sensational Sunday” posts, where she recaps a great day. The pictures always make me smile.

Would that my Sunday were as great as hers.

I kicked off my day by sleeping ’til nearly 1 p.m. Yeah. Deciding NOT to set my alarm Saturday night was an excellent choice. Not.

When I got up, I didn’t want the Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Dough Overnight Oats I’d prepped the night before. Remember that whole I-hate-breakfast-for-dinner thing?

Sunday Lunch… So I ended up sauteeing a bunch of peppers and onions instead. The peppers were ones I’d sliced up a week ago Sunday for snacking with hummus, and I figured it was time to eat ’em or toss ’em.

I ate them with two Asparagus-Ham Egg Cups  leftover from a batch I made Monday. (They demolished my muffin tin. I mistakenly thought the ham would be greasy enough to keep the eggs from sticking, so I didn’t spray the tin … and paid the price. Three days of soaking/scrubbing later, the pan was finally clean.) I also had a Pocket Thin smeared with 2 T garlic hummus.

It looks bright and colorful and tasted pretty good. I ended up leaving some of the veggies on the plate. Maybe I’ll throw them in an omelet today.

Unfortunately, even a delicious lunch wasn’t enough to make it a decent day.

Hoping a movie would make it better, I headed to the theater. The plan was to see “Oz” — but my Harkins was showing it on one non-3D screen and one 3D. When I got to the theater 20 minutes before it started, the non-3D screening I wanted to go to was nearly full … so I opted to see Colin Ferrell in “Dead Man Down” instead.

On my way in to the theater, I saw something that makes my blood boil.Inconsiderate parker

Some jerk parked in two spaces. Granted, the spaces at Harkins are tiny … but that’s no excuse. When I see people parked like that, it makes me want to squeeze my tiny Ford Focus in beside ’em just to screw with their plan. I would have, too, if it wouldn’t have affected the properly parked guy on the other side. Plus, I’d have had to back in to get out of the car — and my backing in skills leave much to be desired.

I freely admit to indulging in some emotional popcorn-eating in the theater. Even though I’d just had a perfectly satisfying lunch, I got a small bag and mowed through it.

About halfway into the movie, I also ate a Cadbury Cream Egg. Did you know one of those only has 4 WW Points? 20-some carbs, but only 4 Points, so I don’t feel too bad about that. After checking out their Points total with my handy-dandy calculator in the WW app, I splurged on a box of them to get cash back at Safeway to pay for the movie.

“Dead Man Down” was actually surprisingly good. It certainly held my attention throughout — and kept me on the edge of my seat much of the time. It wasn’t a waste of the admission price. Imagine that: The reviewer got it wrong again.

After the movie, I did one sensational thing. I headed to Walmart, where I spent 10 minutes lapping the store. A 10-minute walk is better than no walk, right?

Of course, I probably negated any positive effects of walking when I picked up a Five Guys burger for dinner.

Sunday DinnerWait — that’s not entirely true. I went for a bun-less little bacon burger, which online research told me only had 8 WW Points. A regular little hamburger, bun and all, has 13 Points; a little bacon burger is 15. That means, as near as I can tell, that the bun is 6 or 7 Points. While I enjoy eating the burger out-of-hand, I’m not sure the bun is worth that many Points.

I’ll have to remember that for next time. If I really want bread, I could always take it home and put it on a Sandwich Thin.

That’s not what I did Sunday, though. I ate it off the plate, with cauliflower, broccoli and roasted butternut squash on the side. (Trying to sneak in enough fruits and veggies — or “freggies” — for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge, don’t you know. Getting in 7 servings a day isn’t the easiest task in the world.)

After dinner, I made another chocolate cookies n creme shake with a WW smoothie packet, water, ice, peppermint extract and (this time) 3 Reduced Fat Oreos. A bit more laden with cookie crumbles, still delicious — and only 6 WW Points. (Remember the Shamrock shake has 14 … and I ended up eating the other two cookies to make a full serving last night. So this time, I just put ’em all in the shake from the start.)

Salmon-Quinoa CakesThen I whipped up another batch of Lindsay’s Tuna Quinoa Cakes — but instead of using tuna, I made them with two cans of salmon that have been hanging around in my pantry for way too long.

That was all the Sunday food prep I did this week. I still have a ton of stuff in the freezer from the last several weeks, so I need to eat some of it up to make room for new recipes in the future.

I froze four of the cakes and put two in the fridge for immediate eating. Along with the overnight oats I didn’t eat Sunday morning, they’ll probably make up the bulk of today’s eats.

I have to admit, I’m not looking forward to getting on the scale this morning. After checking in heavier Friday and again on Saturday, this might be the first week since restarting WW that I’ll post a gain.

The crazy thing about that is I don’t feel like I’ve done that poorly on the eating front this past week. I have Flex Points leftover this week, unlike last week. And, thanks to the Bootie Buster Challenge, I’ve actually been MORE active. So what the heck is that about?

Eat right, move more and … GAIN? That’s just not right.


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