A thankful Tuesday

This week, our first HealthysELF task is to list 20 things we’re thankful for.

Now, I could cop out and repost the same list I came up with when we did this during Elf4Health. I am actually still thankful for many of the same things. But I’m not going to do that, because I want to challenge myself to practice a whole new level of gratefulness.

Before I get to the list, here are a few quick updates:

— The weigh-in: I was down 0.8 from last Monday’s official WW WI … but up a bit from Friday’s DietBet check-in. Considering I ate ALL my FlexPoints for the week, I’m not surprised.

Spring-Challenge3— In keeping with my search to get more active, I signed up for Amanda’s Spring Bootie Buster Challenge. I’d considered doing her holiday challenge, but then didn’t — but I didn’t want to miss out again. It started Monday and involves not only moving more, but drinking more water and eating more fruits and veggies.

All great habits to get into today and every day.

— After another long, stressful night at the office, I pulled up the GoFitGals Desk Jockey Stretches video and stretched away some of the tension. In the words of John Cougar, it “hurts so good.” Better yet, it earned me another activity point in the SBBC.

— I also stayed at my desk after hours to create a cool graphic I want to blog about … but I spent too much creative energy on the graphic and don’t have enough left to write the introspective post to go along with it. Look for it later this week, after WIAW.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s list time.

What I’m thankful for

  1. Patient people who put up with my quirks.
  2. The treadmill in our living room. So glad the roommate decided to buy one.
  3. Family, including the Boyfriend.
  4. A growing circle of blog friends. I’m finally starting to feel like I belong on Twitter.
  5. Supportive fellow writers. It helps knowing they’ve gone through — or are going through — the same struggles I am.
  6. Same goes for fellow bloggers. Their posts assure me I’m not alone, even in my darkest hours.
  7. An endless supply of books to read.
  8. My slowly shrinking behind.
  9. My iPhone, ereader and MacBook. I’d be lost without them.Spirit
  10. Purring cats. So soothing.
  11. New recipes to try (another endless supply. I’ve pinned more recipes than I can possibly ever get through.)
  12. A Trader Joe’s only 1 1/2 hours from my house. I can go every other month when I’m in Prescott for my writer’s group meeting.
  13. Starbucks. My office away from the office, complete with friendly baristas who know me by name. (I should really tip them more often. Since I almost always pay with my gold card, preloaded each payday, I don’t have cash.)
  14. Warmer weather. Temps are supposed to be in the 50s through Thursday. (We won’t talk about the freakin’ snow expected on Friday/Saturday.)
  15. Cute, bright-colored sneakers.IMG_1366
  16. A roof over my head.
  17. A job that doesn’t suck (most of the time).
  18. The microwave. It makes quick meals/snacks so much easier. (When I moved into my first apartment, I was sans microwave for a few months — you don’t realize how often you use the thing until you don’t have one. Reheating leftovers on the stove is a real pain.)
  19. A brain that can think … until it starts making me think too much.
  20. Gorgeous scenery. I’ll never get used to seeing the San Francisco Peaks on the horizon, or driving through Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona. I’m surrounded by so much beauty.
  21. The ability to pick myself up and try, try again when I stumble and fall.

That, I believe, is what’s called an indomitable spirit. What’s the proverb? “Fall seven times, get up eight”?

For me, it’s more like fall 1700 times, get up 1800.






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