Good Eats, Vol. 5

It’s that time of week again: Time for a roundup of my favorite eats from the past week. But first, a quick recap of my Saturday, since I did something I haven’t done in a while. And I’m really quite proud …

030213 WalkThat’s right: I got in a good workout. The key, I realized, was having nothing else on my schedule for the day. I didn’t have to be anywhere at any particular time, so I didn’t feel rushed to get out of the house and get on with my day.

Instead, I hopped on the treadmill with the intention of walking for 20 minutes. It felt so great to be moving that I decided to keep going. I was going to stop at 25 minutes, but by then I was so close to hitting 200 vertical feet and 200 calories burned that I tacked on another five minutes.

That did the trick. In 30 minutes, I covered a mile and a half, burned 201 calories and climbed 229 vertical feet at an incline of between 2 and 5 percent. Not too shabby.

DietToGo turkey chiliAfter that, I spent some time prepping a menu for the week. I incorporated the rest of my DietToGo stash, and I’ll be sad to see it gone. The food truly is delicious. I loved the turkey chili with pasta salad and cornbread that was Saturday night’s dinner. It was all tasty, but the cornbread muffin was my favorite part of the meal. So full of flavor. I can see why DietToGo is rated #1 in Epicurious’ blind taste test.

In checking out the DietToGo menu online, I re-checked the Points value on the curry chicken salad. Either the nutrition label on the package is faulty or I hit a wrong button when calculating the first time, because it came out to 10 PointsPlus, not 19.

That’s a relief!

In between working out and eating dinner, I hit the health food store (for more oats and a few other goodies) and Target (for more of those Emerald PB Chocolate mixed nuts). I also stumbled on some Emerald brand PB and Jelly nuts, and picked up big bags of Toasted Coconut Almonds and new-to-me mocha-flavored almonds.

Bet you didn’t know I love almonds, eh?

Shamrock Shake2On a whim, when I left Target, I decided to stop at McDonald’s for a Shamrock Shake. Yes, that’s my second — and likely last — Shamrock Shake of the season.

It wasn’t the best decision I’ve made this weekend. I did it in part because I wanted to kill a bit more time before heading to the movie theater. That, and I knew I had the FlexPoints to cover it. Barely. Turns out I now have just 2 FPs left for Sunday. Good thing my lunch has fewer Points than I thought, eh?

At least I made one smart decision: When I decided to get the shake, I put down the (Newman’s Own) peanut butter cups. I’d picked the PB cups up at the health food store, intending to sneak them into the movie in my purse. (I also took a mini bag of popcorn to sneak in. You can’t watch a movie like “21 and Over” without appropriate snacks.) But I knew I didn’t need the shake and the candy, so I left it in the car.

Enough about my mixed bag of a Saturday. Let’s dig in to those good eats I promised.

Faux Chicken Sandwich

A Boca “chicken” patty sandwich with a serving of Progresso Italian Meatball soup. The sandwich has 1 tsp. Miracle Whip and a handful of spinach on it. This was lunch on Tuesday, before the goodies from DietToGo  arrived on my doorstep.

Among the yumminess from DietToGo:

DietToGo Szechuan Turkey Burger

Szechuan Turkey Burger with black bean salad and carrot/beet salad. Flavorful and filling.


Ratatouille Omelet with asparagus. This meal may be my favorite so far, and it was only 7 WW Points. I’m already trying to figure out if I can recreate it on my own. Since the topping seemed to be just tomato, onion and zucchini, I think I can — with the exception of getting my eggs into that cute round shape. I think I can do it for that same 7 Points … maybe even 6.

Birthday Cake Remix Smoothie

Revival of my Birthday Cake Remix Smoothie. I need to use up a container of cottage cheese before it goes bad. Plus, on Thursday, I decided to try mixing/matching DietToGo eats with my own. A 6-Point smoothie for breakfast, combined with a DietToGo lunch (turkey ham salad on a delicious pretzel roll and lentil chili) and dinner (the omelet above) left me with free daily Points for a Tall latte at Starbucks, as well as a midafternoon snack of nuts.

Black bean burger & veggies

Friday’s Greek Black Bean Burger with butternut squash and green beans. (I ate most of the beans before remembering to take the photo.) This was my own meal. After having an 11-Point DietToGo breakfast and fast-food burger and fries for lunch (because I wasn’t where I planned to be — home — and needed something to eat before I’d get there), I needed something lower in Points to round out my day. I really love those burgers. I think I like them more than the Asian Black Bean Burgers I made first.


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