Desperately seeking …

DesperatelySeekingSusanAnyone of a certain age has heard of the movie “Desperately Seeking Susan.” Madonna … Aidan Quinn … Rosanna Arquette. 1985. You know what I’m talking about.

Well, it’s not Susan I’m desperately seeking — but I am seeking something.

You see, I think I’ve gone just about as far as I can go without adding some serious exercise into my weight-loss equation. Yes, I recorded another loss of 2.8 pounds — and yes, I should be pleased with that progress. It means I’ve lost 21.6 pounds since starting Weight Watchers.

While that averages out to 10 pounds a month, I don’t think I’m going to make my goal of losing 9.4 pounds to win my DietBet. As of Monday’s WI, I still had 3.7 pounds to lose in the next 3 days.

I doubt that’s happening.

I should be pleased with the progress I have made — but I can’t help thinking that if I’d put in a few more sweat sessions, I might have made my goal.

A few short walks just didn’t cut it. So I’m looking for some form of exercise I enjoy enough to do on a regular basis.

I can’t afford to join a gym at the moment. And the weather’s too unpredictable — and usually too cold — to get outside. I could (and probably should) hop on the roommate’s treadmill for a walk … or pop in a workout DVD. I still own some fun “learn to bellydance” and strip aerobics videos. I’ve also pinned about eleven thousand workout graphics from some of my favorite bloggers.

That’s only a slight exaggeration. I pin these things thinking I’ll try them, and then they languish, forgotten on my Workout Graphics board.

Maybe what I need is a goal. Should I sign up for another 5K? It’s not like I really trained much for the Turkey Trot.

Post-work teaPerhaps I just need (virtual) workout buddy … someone who’ll check in and make sure I haul my butt out of bed in time to work out in the morning.

Who wants to hold me accountable?

Now that the GoFitGals Skinny Jeans Challenge is over, I don’t have them cheering me on anymore. However, their influence lingers: I talked myself down from the nighttime snack ledge after work.

No kidding. After yet another stressful solo shift at the office, I stood in the pantry, surveying my many options. I was seriously considering nibbling on something. A single-serve bag of kettle corn or light buttered popcorn was the leading contender, but PopChips were also in the running.

I didn’t really have any WW Points left for the day — one of the bummers about losing almost 3 more pounds is that I also lost a Point, leaving me with only 35/day … and I’d already eaten 37, thanks to the dreaded “no half Points” rule. (Turns out two slices of the Italian Turkey Meatloaf come out to 7 Points, not 6.) 😛

Of course, it was after midnight … so technically, I could have counted whatever Points I ate toward Tuesday’s daily total.

What stopped me? It was partly the fact that I’d have been short when I woke up. But I heard Risse and PJ in the back of my head, extolling the reasons not to snack.

Instead, I grabbed some tea. I wrapped my hands around the mug, inhaling the rich apple-cinnamon scent, and let the tea help me relax and unwind.

If I can replace an after-work snack with an after-work tea-drinking ritual instead, surely I can start a new exercise habit.

But I’m serious about finding someone to jolt me out of bed the first time my alarm goes off.

Any takers?


8 responses to “Desperately seeking …

  1. I’m not a big fan of being jolted out of bed. I’m more of a be coaxed by the aroma of fresh coffee kinda gal. I work out after school instead – it’s a much better time for me, and working out a little later in the day helps with the afternoon munchies, as it brings my energy level up.

    • If I don’t work out first thing when I get up, it doesn’t get done. I get wrapped up in eating, prepping dinner/snacks and getting out the door to Starbucks for pre-work writing time. It’d be easy to tell me to cut back on that, but I have to put in the creative hours if I’m ever going to sell my novels & escape the day job.

      • Gotcha. You’re very brave scheduling writing time. I have a very hard time turning creativity on when I need it for that kind of thing. I’m a burst and it hits me kind of person.

      • I belong to a writer’s group, and we had a guest speaker whose advice stuck with me. She said to treat writing like your day job so it will become your day job … so that’s what I’m trying to do by making time for it regularly.

  2. In January, I set a goal to exercise 5 times a week. I printed out a calendar (can you tell I used to be a teacher) and I get a star sticker for each workout. At the end of the week I post a picture of my chart on facebook. I feel accountable to ALL of my friends there when I want to skip a workout because I know they will be expecting my picture on Saturday. I’m surprised at how much it actually motivates me! I just finished my 8th week of 5 workouts a week.

    • You know, after trying that 25 Days of Fitness advent calendar tracker in December, I actually bought some stickers around the New Year, planning to track on my wall calendar — but somehow that fell by the wayside. I just ran across the stickers shoved in my purse. Might be time to revive the idea. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. hot tea is definitely a HUGE thing to help me with snacking. I am super impressed at your loss just focusing on food, I have to admit I started with the exercise piece and had to work really hard at the food part!

    • Thanks, Amanda. As long as I stick to an eating plan, I do okay — but I know I can/will do so much better if I add exercise into the mix. The food is hard for me, too — as you can tell from the way I’ve bounced from low-carb to Weight Watchers to low-carb to paleo, then back to low-carb and Weight Watchers. I think any diet will work for you … the key is believing it will.

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