Survey Saturday: Last Things

Survey SaturdayA fellow HealthysELFer, Katie, does a weekly post she calls “Last Things Thursday.” When she shared it with the group, it looked like a lot of fun, so I decided to chime in. But I’m not using my lasts from Thursday, which I couldn’t remember if I tried — I’ve slept since then. Instead, mine all apply to Friday.

1. Last Food You Ate:

On sale at Safeway last payday ... and only 2 WW Points/serving.

On sale at Safeway last payday … and only 2 WW Points/serving.

I haven’t had one of these in an age. It was pretty darn tasty. A nice little after-work pick-me-up — and I wasn’t violating the “no nighttime snack” rule because I got off early. Gotta love early nights!

2. Last Beverage You Drank:

Good old H2O. (Of course, the same wasn’t true for the rest of the day. By the time I cracked the seal on the bottle of water, I’d already had a skinny latte from Starbucks, an iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts and a can of Diet Dr Pepper.)

3. Last workout:

I’m embarrassed to admit, it was a walk on Monday. So much for my “no excuses” workouts this week. I don’t think I mentioned on the blog, but I’d toyed with the idea of walking on the treadmill for at least 10 minutes every day, no excuses … Good thing I didn’t put it out there, because it didn’t happen.

4. Last thing You Pinned:

Huh. I figured it’d be a recipe, because that’s what I usually pin — but it wasn’t. It was this post on blog design.

Last Thing I pinned

5. Last text message you sent:

Text MessageTo a writer friend of mine. We’re planning a road trip for a meeting in the Valley next month.

6. Last blog you visited:

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 10.48.21 PM

Katie’s, of course. How else would I get the survey questions?

7. Last place you visited:

Three jelly-filled Munchkins are cheaper than a full-sized donut AND have fewer Points. I think I have a new favorite.

3 jelly-filled Munchkins.

Does Starbucks count? I was there before work. Umm … I guess I hit Dunkin’ Donuts after that. I wanted to test my Munchkins theory. I discovered that not only do 3 Munchkins have fewer WW Points than a full-sized donut, they’re also cheaper. I think I just found a new favorite.

8. Last show you watched:

“Deadly Women” on ID. Yeah, I’m an ID addict. It’s one of the only channels on our East Coast satellite feed that’s not airing infomercials when I get home from work at midnight.

9. Last thing you baked:

Spinach, bell pepper, ham and cheese

Spinach, bell pepper, ham and cheese

I don’t do a lot of actual baking … because if I did, I’d do too much eating. But I did have to turn on the oven to make this tortilla pizza. Does that count?

10. Last photo you instagrammed:

Blue Skies, Baby

I was moved by Friday’s beautiful weather. After a solid week of snow skies, the blue skies made me happy.

Fun survey. Thanks for the inspiration, Katie!


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