Noting signs of progress

Thursday wasn’t the best day, eating-wise. I made the decision to get a small burger and small fries from McDonald’s for lunch even though I only had enough daily Points left for the burger. I dipped into my Flex Points for the fries.

That wouldn’t have been too bad, had I not later decided to polish off the rest of the Reese’s Pieces that have been hanging out in my desk drawer since last Friday. Yes, it was only one serving (5 Points) — but on top of the 6 FPs I spent on the fries, I made a considerable dent in my weekly allowance. Now I have just 32 left for Friday and the weekend.

Spirit DestinyHowever — and here’s where the first sign of progress comes in — I did not get upset and use the “I already blew it” justification as an excuse to come home and snack. Instead, I told myself it was only one day and therefore not a big deal. Then I made a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea, changed the sheets that one of my two cats barfed on and settled into bed.

One of those cuties made a mess of my bed. But a little cat puke is better than pee.

I should note that I’ve now been nighttime snack-free since Feb. 11, thanks to the GoFitGals Skinny Jeans Challenge. Dare I believe it’s getting easier?

It's been a while since my last bathroom portrait. Have you missed them?

It’s been a while since my last bathroom portrait. Have you missed them?

The other sign of progress came from my closet. Not only am I now fairly comfortable in the size 14 jeans I was busting out of in December, I unearthed the University of Utah sweatshirt my brother got me for Christmas in 2003, three months after I started Atkins for the first time … and when I put it on, it fit great!

Makes sense, since I weigh about the same amount now as I did at Christmas 2003. Still, it brightened my day. I was feeling fairly svelte.

Perhaps that’s why I let my guard down and ate a bit too much junk?

Come next week, junk shouldn’t be as much of a problem. Wednesday night, I participated in a FitFluential tweet chat about healthy eating with the folks at Diet To Go — and I ended up winning a week’s worth of meals. They’ll be on their way Monday, and should arrive Wednesday.

After reading raves about the service on several different blogs, I’m excited to give it a try. I hope the meals taste as good as the sample menu pictures look.


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