My first WIAW

What I Ate Wednesday posts pop up on my radar … well, every Wednesday, and I’ve been wanting to get involved for weeks now. Even though I’ve gotten pretty good at remembering to snap pictures of my eats, many of which end up on Instagram, for some reason, I never seem to remember to get a full day, then actually write a post and link it up.

That changes this week. I’m committed to WIAW. Kick back and enjoy my first — but hopefully not last — WIAW.

These were my eats Tuesday. And yes, I was on my best behavior … kind of. You’ll see.

First up: Breakfast.

WIAW#1 Brkfst

Nothing too new here. I made some sweet potato hash and a fried egg. But because I used a pale sweet potato (I can never remember if the orange ones or yellow ones are yams), when I dished it up, the plate wasn’t very colorful. So I added 1/4 of an avocado. (Best behavior, I’m telling you — even if the avocado is a tad brown in spots.)

Then it was off to Starbucks for writing time before work. I downed a skinny caramel latte that I didn’t photograph. It’s What I Ate Wednesday, not What I Drank Wednesday, right?

When I got to work, I dug into my lunch. So what if it was 3 p.m.? I didn’t eat breakfast until nearly 11. That’s what happens when you work crappy hours.

WIAW#1 Lunch

I had a ham sandwich on a Sandwich Thin with some Loaded Baked Potato Soup (Imagine brand, from a carton). And a jelly-filled donut from Dunkin’ Donuts. Clearly not my best behavior — but I had the Points for it, so I went for it.

WIAW#1 Lunch2

I don’t regret it a bit. Their jelly-filled donuts are my favorite. I did, however, just look it up and discover that 3 jelly-filled munchkins would be 6 WW Points, whereas a single donut is 8. Food for thought for my next trip, for sure.

At some point between 3 and 7, I was hungry enough to nosh on a few pretzel crisps (not photographed) I’d packed as part of my veggies/hummus snack — but I wasn’t so hungry that I wanted the veggies and hummus.

Then, at around 7:30, it was time for dinner.

WIAW#1 Dinner

Dinner was a spinach salad made with this Lean Cuisine Salad Additions — Southwest-Style Chicken meal. It was the first time I tried one of these meals, having spotted them at Safeway last payday. I wasn’t disappointed. The nutrition stats are decent and it has just 6 WW Points. (The salad base, of course, adds 0.) It was pretty flavorful, especially the spicy dressing. For a quick meal on a busy night, it’s acceptable.

I also polished off the veggies & hummus I’d packed as a snack but didn’t get to. A few extra veggies never hurt anyone, right?

WIAW#1 dinner2

Before 9:30, I dug into the last thing in my lunch bag: A Greek Yogurt Trail Mix Bar. I’ve decided to continue the Skinny Jeans Challenge task of no nighttime snacking, so 9-ish is my cutoff. I’d have eaten it before 9 had it not still been hard as a rock. Seems like I have to leave one sit out for 15 to 20 minutes before I can eat it.

WIAW#1 Dessert

It’s worth the wait.

Overall, I’d say today’s eats were pretty balanced — and completely indicative of how I’ve been eating on Weight Watchers. Yes, even the donut. I tend to indulge in one once or twice a week. It’s not cheating when you have the points for it! 😉


3 responses to “My first WIAW

  1. Good for you, Arlene. Great eats! and, it’s okay to eat a donut once in a while. =) Your breakfast looks delish though and I’ve been wanting to make Lindsay’s greek yogurt bars but haven’t had the chance yet.

    • I’m getting ready to make a new batch right now. This time, tropical, with banana, pineapple, coconut and almonds.

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