Good Eats, Round 3

Perhaps I ought to call it “The Breakfast Edition.” Three out of four of the week’s best eats are all breakfast foods.

The winners:

Sweet Potato HashSweet potato hash topped with an egg. A holdover from my short-lived paleo foray, it’s super-simple to make. I shredded half a sweet potato (4 ounces) with some onion (1/4 of a large). I sauteed them in 1 teaspoon olive oil (would have been coconut oil on paleo). When they cooked down, I fried an egg in the same pan.

Chocolate Banana Pancakes

I really was all about breakfasts this week. My Valentine’s Day pancakes, which I wrote about here.

Banana Bread Quinoa

Banana bread quinoa, topped with an egg. I know quinoa has protein, but I decided I wanted an extra hit — so I fried up an egg and threw it on top of the bowl. The result was surprisingly delicious.

Last but not least …

Shamrock Shake

A Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s. After getting a hankering for one Thursday, I knew it was inevitable. Was it worth every one of the 14 Weight Watchers Points I spent on it? That I’m not sure about.

The shake was yummy, no doubt about that. But the first couple of sips were actually a little TOO sweet. (Did I just say that? Who am I?) I quickly got acclimated to the sugar rush, though. I savored every last sip.

And now the craving has been satisfied for another year.



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