Paging Dr. Google

Last weekend, I ran a story on the health page about how many Americans turn to “Dr. Google” to self-diagnose. This isn’t the same article, but it hits the same general idea.

Now, I’m beginning to wonder if I need to hit up Dr. Google for medical advice. Remember how I’ve been struggling with freezing at work? First, it was because the heat in my aisle was actually not working. Then I got the flu and was shivering under my afghan.

Well, the heat’s back and the flu’s gone, yet I’m still freezing. Today, our IT gal gave me the space heater she keeps in her office. It helped. With it running, I could work without being wrapped up like a mummy.

It’s not normal to be so cold, right?

I recall reading someone’s blog post (but have no idea whose) who theorizes being cold happens because your blood sugar is out of whack … eating paleo regulated that blogger’s blood sugar and she was no longer freezing.

I suppose that could be my problem. I did have carbs — known blood-sugar spikers — with every meal.

Then again, I didn’t start being cold constantly until after I lost 100 pounds on Atkins. Only then did I have to wear sweatshirts in August. I remember the doctor told me it was normal because I’d lost my insulation. He said he had a skinny wife, and she was cold all the time.

But now that I’ve put some of the weight back on — and thus regained insulation, the problem hasn’t gone away.

What do y’all think? Any ideas?

I hope your Valentine’s Day was as fulfilling as mine. I chatted with the Boyfriend (since I was working, we didn’t get together), had productive Starbucks time before work and enjoyed a day full of good eats and small treats.

My day started when I woke up — a full 30 minutes before the alarm went off, thank you very much.

I decided to treat myself to pancakes for breakfast, so I spent some time browsing the breakfast ideas on GreenLiteBites.  So many great ideas to choose from! Eventually, I settled on these Chocolate Banana Pancakes — but without blueberry topping.

Chocolate Banana Pancakes

Instead, I topped them with half a banana I had leftover from yesterday’s breakfast, along with 2 teaspoons almond butter, 1 Tablespoon slivered almonds and a little coconut-flavored SF syrup. Excellent choice, even if it did end up a bit higher in Points than I’d expected. (The pancakes themselves came out to 8, plus 3 in the toppings.)

The perfect bite ...

The perfect bite …

But, oh was it worth it. Delicious! Sweet, but not overpoweringly so, with so many of my favorite flavors.

The perfect bite had a little of everything: pancake, banana, nut butter and nuts.

If I eat one pancake at a time, maybe with an egg alongside, the Points total would be halved. (Well, halved plus 2, for the egg. Still, a 6-Point breakfast is much more manageable than an 11-Point one.)

After breakfast, I went to work on packing the rest of the day’s eats.

Included in the bag was this Valentine’s pasta (3 WW Points in 1/2 cup dry pasta) I’d picked up at Cost Plus. I cooked it according to package directions, and made a quick, cheesy sauce to go with.

Heart-shaped pasta from Cost Plus World Market.

Heart-shaped pasta from Cost Plus World Market.

In the sauce, which is hiding at the bottom of the bowl, was 1 Tablespoon of tomato paste, 1 Tablespoon water and 1 Laughing Cow Garden Veggie cream cheese wedge. I mixed the water and tomato paste together, then added the cheese and nuked it for about 30 seconds. The cheese melted into the tomato sauce and made a very pretty — and pretty tasty — sauce.


The day’s eats included a skinny caramel macchiato while I worked at the Bux, and the grilled onion cheddar burger I picked up at McDonald’s on my way to work.

I am proud of myself for ordering a side salad to go with my burger … and for not getting a Shamrock shake.

Oh, I was tempted by the shake. It was on a poster as I walked in the door — bigger than life and such a pretty green. With mint being one of my favorite flavors, I went so far as to look up the Points value — but when I discovered a small chocolate shake has 11 Points, I decided to save the Shamrock Shake for another day.

Dinner consisted of the pasta (eaten at about 5:30) and chicken sausage with peppers and onions (eaten at about 7:30).

Coconut chips, cocoa roasted almonds and chocolate chips — OMG

Coconut chips, cocoa roasted almonds and chocolate chips — OMG

After dinner — but before 9 p.m., I whipped out dessert.

Those are a new Trader Joe’s find: Toasted Coconut Chips. Toasted and lightly sweetened, these things are the bomb. When you add some cocoa roasted almonds and Enjoy Life chocolate chips, it’s a perfect way to finish off a meal.

In the photo: 1/2 oz. coconut chips (half a serving), 1/4 oz almonds (one-quarter serving) and 9 grams of chips. The portion size was just right.

After work, I made a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea.The good news is, it wasn’t a fluke. Undoctored, it tasted just as good the second time around.

Continuing the no-nighttime-snacking streak.

Continuing the no-nighttime-snacking streak.

It really is kind of relaxing to kick back with a cup of tea after work. Maybe I can make it my new habit.

Wonder if they sell that flavor of tea year-round? Probably not. That’d make my life too easy.

Cocoa and her food

Mom, where’s my kibble?

I’m glad today’s payday. My poor Cocoa is scraping the bottom of her food barrel. See her back there, looking pathetic?



8 responses to “Paging Dr. Google

  1. I hear ya about being cold all the time!! My hands and feet are ice pretty much all winter. It feels like the cold gets deep into my bones, and even if I’m able to warm up my skin, my insides stay cold. I spend my winters living with a pretty constant “chill” in my bones.

    Don’t have any suggestions though! I haven’t found much to help except a space heater in my office, blankets around my house and slippers in both locations. And tea, lots and lots of tea. 🙂

  2. As a medical provider I’m not a huge fan of Dr. Google (although have used it myself. I see too many people self diagnosing and not wanting to consider any other options or tests due to what they found when it may not be the best answer. It can provide advice to start.
    I too am cold all the time, have you had your thyroid checked?

    • I did have my thyroid checked several years ago, and it was borderline/normal. The GP said it was normal, but the endocrinologist he sent me to said it could use some help. She put me on meds, but I’ve long since stopped taking them.

  3. My physiotherapist is a certified acupuncturist, with a bit of a TCM approach. She says that my always being cold is due to low kidney energy, and to give the body heat when it needs it. This winter, I’ve made sure to wrap up warm, drink tea, and keep my feet warm (so no cute heels at work – booo). I made a heating bag that’s the length of my spine – 3 mins in the microwave, and I lie on it and let the heat work through me. It’s made a huge difference.

    • Low kidney energy? Does that mean I’m not getting enough water? Because I find it much tougher to drink copious amounts of water when it’s cold outside.

      • It means you need to take time to rest and recharge (this was the hardest thing for me, Ms Adrenaline Junkie!). Soups and stews, with cooked vegetables are good for increasing kidney energy, according to TCM principles. Rice is also good for discouraging dampness in the body, and try and avoid leftover foods – prepare fresh when you can.

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