Being my own valentine

Why yes, yes I do have the Boyfriend. But this post isn’t focusing on romantic love for someone else. Today — and every day, I want to concentrate on loving myself.

I did a bit of that during Tina Reale‘s 30 Days of Self Love campaign, back when her blog was still called Faith, Fitness, Fun. In fact, that series was how I first discovered Tina’s blog — and it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Have you heard signup for the next round of Best Body Bootcamp starts in March? (This time, I’m getting back in on the fun.) You can check out some of my reflections here.


The HealthysELF challenge is another way to love myself. See? It’s right there in the button, which emphasizes all the pieces of a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve gotta admit: Loving myself is HARD. I often feel too clumsy, too big, too slow to grasp seemingly simple concepts. Sometimes I swear I’m the only 41-year-old on the planet who hasn’t worked out her issues with food/exercise. Eating well, moving daily and sleeping lots are also no walk in the park.

Slowly, I’m coming to realize the things all you younger, wiser bloggers are trying to teach.

I deserve to be my own valentine. We all do. You don’t have to be a “perfect” size 6 to take care of yourself … to treat yourself (and not necessarily to food) … to enjoy life.

So get out there and do something nice for yourself today. I know I will.


2 responses to “Being my own valentine

  1. I love this! I’m doing something special for myself today…a visit with my GYN. An intimate 10 minutes with a man who has my best interests at heart (seriously?) and definitely makes my blood pressure go thru the roof with the touch of his hand! Christian Grey would raise an eyebrow at this man’s collection of “instruments”😉 How did an appointment on this, of all days, happen?

    Happy Valentine’s Day to me…and to you too, Arlene.

    • Not my idea of a good Valentine’s Day, but it has to be done. Actually, I ought to make one of those special appointments for myself.

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