Down with nighttime snacks

Thanks to GoFitGals’ Skinny Jeans Challenge, the campaign to avoid evening snacks continues.

Since I eat my dinner anywhere between 6 and 9 p.m., I’m making it a rule to eat nothing after 9 p.m. Considering I stay up ’til 3 and am used to having a midnight snack after work, that’s no small accomplishment.

But if my metabolism needs 12 hours of rest, I can stop eating at 9 and it’ll get that rest. I’m rarely up before 9 (or 10 … or 11). It’ll save me WW Points, too. Today, I ate 38 (36 plus 2 FlexPoints), and the total included a donut before work. (See what I mean about needing to cut back on the sugar?)

Taking a trip down Candy Cane Lane. Yum!

Taking a trip down Candy Cane Lane. Yum!

I was off by 11:14 Tuesday. My 11:40 p.m. tea: Candy Cane Lane — straight up. No sweetener, no almond milk.

And you know what? It tasted great. Undoctored and delicious. I’ll have to drink plain tea more often.

Today brings another DietBet weigh-in. I didn’t record Monday’s weight because it was up 0.6 from last Wednesday’s check (231 vs. 230.4). Here’s hoping that after a couple of days with lots of water and no nighttime snacking, I’ll be able to record at least a small loss.

I really want to win another DietBet!

Like I don’t have enough challenges on my plate, I’m thinking of joining in another one: The “No Girly Pushups” Challenge. I’d just be happy to graduate from wall pushups to girly pushups … but the organizers said that’s OK.

The Peaks from the parking lot at Target.

The Peaks from the parking lot at Target.

For those of you holding your breath for a weather update from Flagstaff, good news: The sun was back in full force — and it’s supposed to be sunny for the rest of the week. Still cold-ish, but sunny. Not ideal for someone who always seems to be freezing, but I’ll still take it.

I had to stop at Target to pick up a new canister for my SodaStream. When I pressed down on the button and had to wait for-ever for the loud buzz, I knew the old one was out of juice. The good news — for me, anyway — is that Target does a canister exchange. Instead of paying $29 for a brand new one, I traded in my old one and paid $16.

If a canister lasts almost two months, that’s not bad at all.


2 responses to “Down with nighttime snacks

    • Hi, Patty, and welcome! I’m surprised at how much the tea really does help. I’m about to head home from work now, and I’m looking forward to curling up with a cup (instead of a cookie).

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