A hard habit to break

Anyone else hear Peter Cetera’s voice ringing through their heads right about now? Just me? I must be showing my age again.

Check out the 314 vertical feet climbed!

Check out the 314 vertical feet climbed!

I jumped right into the challenges on my plate this week. Today’s HealthysELF assignment was to do a legs workout. I hopped on the treadmill and did a hill workout — anywhere from 3% to 6% incline at a fairly low speed (2.5 to 3.3 mph). I also did a few plie squats every time I went to the bathroom at work.

Sadly, since it was my busy Monday, I didn’t get as many bathroom breaks as usual.

This week’s Skinny Jeans Challenge is going to be a toughie, though: No nighttime snacking.

Considering I come home from work every night and unwind with a snack, I foresee having some trouble this week.

The GoFitGals have a method to their madness. They say skipping late-night snacks is important for both weight loss and overall health. The theory? Your metabolism starts slowing down by mid-afternoon and by evening it’s ready to rest. They say it needs 12 hours of rest to be at its best, so it’s ready to fire up and work hard when you eat breakfast in the morning.

Without the proper rest, they add, your metabolism gets sluggish … and not just for the day. Eating late can have a long-standing impact on your health.

That just might be enough incentive to scare me straight — at least for the week.

So what do I do instead? I asked the gals that in a tweet, after announcing my trepidation for the challenge. Their suggestions:

— Drink some tea.

— Do some stretching.

— Read a few pages of a book.

I can do that!


I might add a few suggestions of my own:

— Play Words with Friends.

— Watch “Deadly Women” on ID.

Although, neither of those are “unplugged” — and I keep reading about the benefits of unplugging at night. Something about the light from your computer/phone/TV screens being bad for sleep.

Heck, even the book I’m reading is on my phone (kindle app). But it’s not like I don’t have an abundance of physical books I could read. I could start making a dent in my TBR pile.

A little after-work tea instead of a snack.

A little after-work tea instead of a snack.

Maybe I’d better stick with the tea. When got home from work Monday night, I made a mug of tea to take to bed with me.

If nothing else, this week’s challenge will help me get through some of the teas I have in my pantry! I can also put my the “Empire Strikes Back” mug I got for Christmas to good use.

And if it results in more weight loss, I just might have to look into cutting out the nighttime snacks permanently.



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