A very snowy weekend

I had to laugh last night when I saw “strugglesofbeingfromarizona” trending on Twitter and a good portion of the complaints were about how hot/sunny it is. I wish all I had to whine about was having too many summer clothes in my closet/too dark a tan.

At no point this weekend did the sun make an appearance. All I saw this weekend was this:

Snowy Sunday Snowy Saturday

Snow, and lots of it.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I also saw a couple of movies.

I designated Saturday “movie day” and bought tickets to a double feature: “Identity Thief” followed by “Side Effects.” What better way to spend a snowy Saturday than cozied up in the theater?

Both were entertaining movies, in very different ways. I snickered, snorted and belly-laughed my way through “Identity Thief.” Jason Bateman + Melissa McCarthy = comedy gold. I’m glad I didn’t pay any attention to the bad reviews it got from the syndicated reviewers we use at the paper. When the reviewer trashed “Four Christmases,” I knew he was full of crap. I liked that movie — I OWN that movie on DVD. Of course, anyone who’s been reading the blog for a while knows how much I love Vince Vaughn.

“Side Effects” kept me engaged and guessing throughout, though I did wish I could have seen more of Channing Tatum. Oh well. Guess they can’t all be “Magic Mike.”

On Sunday, I spent the early afternoon at Starbucks, writing, before hitting the theater again for the day’s one and only screening of “Argo.” Now THAT was a fascinating flick — all the more so because you know it was based on a true story. I can see why it has been racking up the award nominations. It certainly kept me on the edge of my seat. Seeing Ben Affleck’s baby face covered in beard was a bit disconcerting, though.

My moviegoing was accompanied by some snacking, of course. I ordered a small popcorn for Saturday’s first movie and got a box of Reese’s Pieces before the second one started. Planning ahead, I looked up the Points value for the candy — and was super-excited to see a serving had just 5 Points.

I was much less excited when I realized the box contained THREE servings of 51 pieces each. Counting Reese’s Pieces isn’t much fun — but I did it. I stopped at exactly 51 pieces, then tucked the box away in my purse. Toward the end of the movie, I went back for 12 more, bringing the Points total for the candy I ate to 7.

Better than mowing through the whole box, right? Right!

After the movie, I stopped at Five Guys for a Little Hamburger. 13 Points in that sucker, plus 3 more in the Popchips I also ate for dinner. I had the FlexPoints in my budget to spring for them, but I probably should have made a lower-Points choice, like I did Sunday.

Instead of stopping on my way home for more fast food, I went directly to my kitchen and made my own burger. I had a Trader Joe’s turkey burger (5) and grilled onions (0) on a Sandwich Thin (3, which I probably could/should have said “no” to), alongside some baked sweet potato fries (2). (I baked 4 oz. sweet potato wedges spritzed with olive oil cooking spray at 400 degrees F for about 20 minutes.)

10-Point plate

The whole plate came out to 10 WW Points — and it was a lot more food than Saturday’s dinner. More food = more satisfying. Why do I keep forgetting that fact?

Part of my Saturday night was spent working on Katy’s 28 Day Blog Challenge. I continued recategorizing the posts that were uncategorized by Friday night’s category reorganization spree.

I divided my posts into three main categories: Weight Loss, Cooking and Life — just like my blog’s name. So simple that I should have thought of that years ago.

In the process, I lost a few categories and added new ones. Several hundred posts became “uncategorized,” and I had to read most of them to figure out where they fell in my new hierarchy.

The thing that struck me — hard — was the tone of the posts. It may have been because they’d been in my “successes” and “failures” categories, but they were all so strikingly “on” or “off” plan. Either I was in a great mood because I was on-plan, or I was spiraling out of control because I was off-plan and having trouble finding my way back on the wagon.

It underlined the need for me to find that place Roni so eloquently describes as stateless dieting. You know, that place where you’re not “on” a diet or “off” it, but where you’re making each choice the best it can be under the circumstances you’re facing at any given time. The place where one less-than-optimal choice doesn’t lead to a day — or a week — of eating with abandon. The place where I can eat what I’m craving without fear that one bite will run me right off the rails.

Grr. You’d think at 40-plus years old, I’d have worked through my issues with food.

Not so. If I knew where they originated, you think I could chase ’em away once and for all?

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