Minding the gap

Remember what I said yesterday about exercise being part of the equation?

They turned out to be famous last words. I didn’t get in any exercise — not the 100 burpees (or another exercise) for Thursday’s HealthysELF challenge … not the trip I’d wanted to make to the gym … not even very much walking. My pedometer topped out at about 2K for the day.

Grr. That’s not good.

I know I ought to make time for exercise. I know it. But there’s a gap between having the knowledge and implementing it — a gap currently as wide as the Mississippi River, apparently.

It’s a gap I need to figure out how to mind — and soon. It’d help if I could find a workout I look forward to.

What did I actually do when I woke up?

Let me note that I awakened almost on time, for once. Since I was up ’til after 3 a.m., I set the alarm for 10 — and only hit the snooze twice! A small victory, to be sure — but I’ll take any victory I can get.

Note the festive holiday potholder.

Note the festive holiday potholder.

Didn't notice my lunch was 50 shades of beige ...

Until now, I didn’t notice my lunch was 50 shades of beige …

More sausage, peppers and onions, bulked up with two kinds of squash.

More sausage, peppers and onions, bulked up with two kinds of squash.

I had some more banana bread quinoa for breakfast, then spent kitchen time prepping lunch and dinner.

Lunch was a ham and cheese quesadilla with spinach and pepper strips inside, plus a side of cauliflower rice. I decided to add a value-sized side of fries from Wendy’s, which gave the entire meal a decidedly beige theme (but only added 6 Points). Perhaps not the smartest indulgence, but those fries were good. Maybe someday the thought of fast food will repulse me — but I’m not there yet. Not even close.

For dinner, I had another sausage link with onions and peppers. But this time, I added 1 cup of spaghetti squash and 1/2 cup of butternut squash into the mix. More volume made it more filling — but for no more Points, since the squashes both had 0.

Volumetrics for the win. (Yeah, I read that diet book, too. I think I’ve at least skimmed them all.)

I figured I’d be done in the kitchen by 11:30-ish — but I ended up puttering around ’til nearly noon. Then I hied myself to Starbucks to write. I reworked a couple of scenes a little bit, then shipped my novella off to my CP. With a submission deadline of March 1, we’re getting down to crunch time.

Guess it’s a good thing I’ll be on my own all weekend. I can hunker down and work on revisions, right?

Another yummy GoFitGals recipe.

Another yummy GoFitGals recipe.

When I got home from work, I still had to do the Skinny Jeans Challenge, which is to spend 10 minutes relaxing. (Much simpler than the 100-burpee challenge that scared the crap out of me.) I did that with a cup of the gals’ homemade hot chocolate with a twist.

The mix of chocolate and coconut was divine. And it only had 2 Points (1 in the tsp of coconut oil, 1 in the unsweetened coconut-almond milk I used. The tsp of coconut sugar and Tablespoon of cocoa powder both had 0).

A delicious, soothing homemade treat to help me unwind after work. I bet it’d be even tastier made with the chocolate almond milk the recipe calls for — but I didn’t have any on hand, so I improvised.

Improvised or not, it was good. I need to relax like that more often.

Maybe I ought to consider doing yoga podcasts or videos after work. That’d be relaxing, too — and I do enjoy yoga.

It’s all about finding that elusive balance.


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