Another Monday gone

And I’m glad to see the back of it, let me tell you. I didn’t used to hate Mondays, but I sure do nowadays.

Another long, drawn-out 10-hour shift at work leaves me wondering how on earth I used to work 10-hour days all work week.

The good news? The meals I planned left me with Points for an after-work snack — probably because the HealthysELF challenge kicked off with Meatless Monday. Whether I like it or not, meat has more Points, so cutting it out for the day meant I had 2 Points when I got home.

I ended up snacking on another Asian Black Bean Burger. That recipe is a real winner: Flavorful, with just enough of a kick to make your mouth sing.

Well, for some reason, my Internet stopped working … So I’ll cut this short.

Leaving you with a composite picture of Monday’s eats: from top left: veggie “chicken” sandwich with cauliflower rice and a GoFitGals cookie; veggies, hummus & pretzels; yogurt trail mix bar; black bean burger with roasted butternut squash; and GFG strawberry overnight oats.


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