Good eats

One of the (many) amazing things about adopting a new way of eating is how it changes my idea of what constitutes a good meal.

In some ways, I’ve had to totally rethink what I’m eating; in others, you might say “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Seriously. I might be eating less protein (and still not entirely happy about that), but I’m still drinking more water than diet soda (most of the time, anyway) and eating lots of veggies. Not every meal has to include bread/pasta/potatoes, but it is nice to have a sandwich and/or PopChips from time to time.

Here’s a delicious, satisfying dessert/snack I would never have eaten while doing the low-carb thing.

Chobani with vanilla wafers

Chobani Apple Cinnamon with 1 T walnuts & 5 Trader Joe’s Ultimate Vanilla wafers (7 WW points). Perhaps a bit steep for a snack, but it was both filling and satisfying. It hit the sweet tooth in just the right place.

(Most of) my eats on a recent day:

Overstuffed breakfast burrito

Homemade breakfast burrito (with way too much filling for my tiny tortilla)

Beef/veggie burger with additional veggies (brussels sprouts and Sweetheart Slaw) that I apparently forgot to photograph

Salsa Chicken over spaghetti squash

Salsa Chicken over spaghetti squash

Banana Bread Quinoa

Crock Pot Banana Bread Quinoa.


3 responses to “Good eats

  1. All these eats look yummy! And, it looks like the meals are more balanced than the low-carb ones, which is a good thing. I can’t wait to try making the banana bread quinoa. It looks delicious!

    • It is delicious … but it’s a recipe you kind of have to watch in the Crock Pot. Mine cooked dry about five hours in, but the quinoa didn’t seem done yet, so I added more water and kept going.

      The meals may be a bit more balanced, but as a meat-lover, I really miss meat. Seems like now, more often than not, I’m eating little — if any — meat at a meal.

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